🤖 Hornfel – 5* Fire / Red from Construct family

hornfel for sure

way better hero on offense

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Difficult option as both are superb & thankfully they arrived separately… Finished Madhammer first & then Hornfel arrived.

But, if together, I would do Hornfel first as he has more uses… especially, as a tank!

a bit delayed reply with rationale…trust it helps. Cheers!

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His damage doesn’t seem to be 480%… he’s level 90 and with cyclops troops he’s only hitting for around 1000. Anyone else test & confirm?

Agree - his knockdown should basically be the equivalent of silence for 2-3 turns…

Maybe open up a service ticket - your copy might be damaged

Mine does 3000 damage without 2 lb to main target

Not heard much about this guy nor encountered him in raids recently. Tbh I almost forgot about his existence :sweat_smile: Anyone have any recent experiences to share with this new mechanic?

I have him and I don’t see the mechanic happen haha. Like what is it? It’s mystery. He’s fine with just emblems, def needs an LB which I can’t give him yet

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I forgot he existed and never leveled him…
I can only remember seeing him in raids once.
Never seen him on war defense

Ya such a disappointment

Could be because he’s still quite new and not everyone has all the aethers needed.

He’s currently no.1 on my list to 2lb ahead of Qinglong, C3 Marj and Firmin Dicky, might change if I get an Owl though.

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