Horghall or Evelyn

Here is my current situation…

I FINALLY pulled my first 5* red in Marjana, who I have all the mats to max, currently at 3-50.

After that, I need 1 tonic to max a 5* green, where I have Evelyn at 3-70, Horghall at 2-60, and Margaret at 1-1. I was planning on maxing Evelyn right away, but then I pulled Seshat and had the mats to max her, and gave her all of my ranger emblems…

Do I leave Evelyn at 3-70 and max Horghall to get a 5* that I can emblem in my lineup, or should I run Evelyn without emblems?

Evelyn is by far superior to horghall. Without Emblems she’s still great. Horghall with emblems is just OK.


100% Evelyn.

Horghall is in the top 5 worst 5* heroes in the game. He is not great at anything (well, maybe only as a tank in a very fast tournament in which red heroes are not allowed).

On the other hand, Evelyn is a fantastic hero, especially against titans thanks to her elemental debuff. On top of that, she’s a fast dispeler.

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Horghall is the 3rd worst 5* green, only Atomos and Margaret are worse than him

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@ShuraCDZ, I have to disagree with you on Margaret.

She has really high tile damage which makes her very useful for titans, she even shines against the rare unicorn. She is also great against teams with a lot of snipers. Even though these are very specific cases, she still has her spotlight moments.
I can’t say that Horghall has any.

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You got a point. Maybe I should consider level up my 2/60 margaret

Evelyn all the way even without knowing your team. She is the only one having Nature Defense down which is great for titans, and she is really pain in the back when she is in raid defense with other green (I lost to one team with her and The Hatter, who hits like a Mack truck when he follows Evelyn).

If she’s going to be your 3rd/4th green and you have enough mats, go for it.

I won’t even read past the title, Evelyn all the way

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I dont know where I’d use her, I really love my main green team. Alby, Evelyn, Greg, Kingston and Kadilen. Fighting rare unicorn I use mana pots on Evelyn to debuff its defense, Greg for critics tiles and Kad to keep my team alive longer. I have 3 tonics right now, I plan to make pulls for The Hatter in wonderland

Lol thanks for the input. I dont have a lot of experience using Horghall…thought maybe with emblems he would be ok

Well with emblems he is ok… and Horghall can be a decent tank, but even without emblems Evelyn is awesome and you will use her forever, if you ascend horghall you will eventually stop using him except maybe in wars…

A vote for Evelyn :+1:

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HH shouldn’t even be in the same sentence as Eve. Lol
And if you get second Eve, do her over HH too.
And if you get a third Eve… well… you get what I’m saying. :blush:

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I understand…Horghall should stay right where he is on my bench! Probably behind a +10 Hansel…lol


It’s debatable whether MrTree has his use at all, but Evelyn is your green friend wherever you go.