Horghall, Margaret or wait?

Please help me decide… Should i level Horghall, Margaret or wait for new green 5*… Only 5* i have beside those 2 is Black Panther. I dont want to spend hard earned materials for “wrong” hero. What would you do?

I’d maybe wait until the end of October at the very least? You could get a random EHT and pull Kingston, the October HOTM. :smiley:


Margaret if u are F2P. She can be usefull.

Spending resources on Horgal make no sense. He is my first 5* hero and he is still on 1:1 level.

This is what I should do :slight_smile:, and if Kingston is not joining my roster I would wait a bit longer to be honest. I have Margaret…and hoping for a buff but till that time there will be no leveling for her

Wait. Kingston is a going to ramp up green attack significantly and if you can snag an Evie through Atlantis you’ll be laughing at the combo together.


I would definitely wait until the end of October. If you get the new HOTM - Kingston - you are onto a winner.