Horghall costume as a tank

Hi, all is in the title : what do you think about Horghall costume as a tank ?
I don’t have a lot of 5* tanks (Horghall, of course, Vivica and Raffaele) and I would like to know if this new version of Horghall could be at least ok for this purpose, even though I know that Horghall is a quite “meh” hero.

About the same as without the costume: not brilliant.

I guess, as a tank, Raffaele > Vivica >> Horghall-C.

Hogrhall has tons of HP - but this is just not enough…

Actually costume Horgall is a better option than raffaele and vivica which are terrible choices… (raffaele is probably the worst choice).

What’s the rest of your roster ?

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In 5*, I’ve got :
Blue : Fenrir, Raffaele
Yellow : Malosi, Norns, Vivica
Green : Horghall, Tarlak
Purple : Guardian Panther, Clarissa
Red : Guardian Kong, Red Hood, Elena, Marjana

You have better options. :slight_smile:

I have Horghall maxed and just got the costume, and I have less 5* heros than you - but I don’t think I’ll make him a tank. Have Clarissa and Gravemaker, and will choose one of those. Probably Clarissa as a tank, GM as a flank when I max them. Will see if Horghall-c can make it to the second flank, at least as long as sth better come along in green. :man_shrugging:t2:
Still have to try those options.

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Normal Horghall with costume bonus would probably work better

My vote goes to Clarissa as tank on your roster.

So Clarissa may be a good tank ?

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It looks like she’s not the top tier tank, but can do the job decently. Being paladin, very fast, I can imagine her being good in some defence set ups… My alliance is running purple tanks, so she’s gonna replace my c-Tibertus soon.

Nice to know, I didn’t think that kind of heroes could be a good tank. I must try. :slight_smile:

Norns flanked by Panther and Clarissa also works rather well.


True, I rarely see Norns and I don’t have her, but could work nice I guess.

Well, she doesn’t punish much, but with a good team behind, I saw her being annoying when the board is not so great… That’s what I’m hoping for pairing her with Gravemaker. If the board is not so good, those 2 could fire multiple times and cause much pain to the attackers.

You’re probably right, I mean it is two differents strategies (Clarissa or Norns) that deserve to be tested.

What color your alliance is running for alliance war?

If that’s not a substantial matter, I would say that clarissa is your best tank option.

Although you don’t really have good greens and yellows defenders.

Therefore an option would be to opt for something like :

Maŕjana - panther - vivica - clarissa - fenrir


Thanks for your advice Artamiss, now I have several ideas. I will try by myself and leave Horghall on the bench for a moment.