Horghall as tank? Thoughts?

I see. So I will not level Horgall yet.

Right now I still need to work on Chao (3/13), Sonya (3/39), and this morning I just pulled Jackal. If by the time I finish with them I still do not get another good 5* green, I will level Horgall.

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He’s not too good but having said that don’t underestimate general survivability and high health

Horghall is a serviceable tank in a lineup like Drake Kage Horghall Gravy Alasie. As F2P that isn’t your lineup.

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He is ■■■■ as a tank. And everything else. One of the worst 5* heroes.

Kash gets you a good tank much faster. He’s good for all of mid-level play as a tank, and he can continue to be decent in raids and wars as a flank if need be.

Groot, if you think of traditional tanks, is good. A lot of folks want faster tanks that punish more. He punishes but his clear strength is like Gormek. He’s a beefy tile magnet and a tank that buys your flanks and wings TIME. He’s obviously not a shiny new tank. Leveling takes resources though.

So Kash first. Kash is cheaper, better, and buys you the most important kind of time. The time to get experience and other heroes.

Best idea. Working on your good 4 star heroes first and eventually you’ll get a better green. Horghall is horrible. He was my first green. Still at level 2/something. He’s irrelevant and especially these days. Too slow, and crappy special. He dies before he even gets to fire. In this case, it’s better to have great 4 stars maxed than a five. Mats are time consuming to collect to ascend 5 stars. It would be best to use them wisely.

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Thanks for the advice!

On a site note, I kind of wish I had a maxed Horgall for this rush attack tournament lol

Costume Horghall is an A tank.

Normal is a B tank.

You think so? I went against a costumed Horghall tank today. I didn’t bother stacking against him. I took boldtusk and Scarlett and 3 purples. He didn’t fire even once while using lvl. 27 mana troops. I see him as threatening as Justice these days. In other words, he is a nonfactor against my Rigard.

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My honest opinion? I think you had a good board

BT and Scarlet and three purple without him firing means you relied on two colours and you got em

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Im a FTP player, my roster consists of about 90% vanilla heroes with a few HoTM and other specialty/season heroes. Been playing since bout 6 months after release and i think he’s a pretty valuable asset when the situation for him arises. If you throw money at this game in buckets im sure you have better options. Here’s my Horghall in costume, even thinking of taking emblems off my Lianna and putting them into him. 5x for piercing shot sound better then 1. Still torn on that decision.

With the costumes, the emblems only go on the BASE hero.

So you’ll need to use DRUID emblems.


Well that suxorz. Pierce on Horg would be pretty tight id think. Only have 2 costumes so never got to try it out yet.

I think you’re missing how costumes and emblems interact
Check out this thread, specifically question #4


Not gonna happen, Zimkitty gets that honor.


Premise: I have Horgall 1/1, my statements are based on observation while fighting against him.

Basically, almost every color (talking about vanilla heroes) has a way to counter him: Rigard, Boldtusk, Kiril, Wu Kong/Vivica. Funny thing, just greens don’t have anything against him.

Just like Gormek, he’s a meatbag, but the defense debuff is much better than atk down. And even if you have loads of life points, a low defense would mean that he will lose a large chunk of them even with a scratch.

Costume made him better, but I still wouldn’t invest tonics and shield to max him, even as a F2P.
I find way more useful in the mid term to have Kashrekk maxed, as holmanski suggested.

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So, I just pulled Horghall’s costume and a dupe of him today. I’ve got at least three other green 5* in line before him (LotL, Kadilen, Elkanen), and then Margaret, of course, so this is a hypothetical:

With the 5% costume mana bonus and the 2% mana bonus with ranger talent node 8, at what levels would a green mana troop speed him up on offense and defense, respectively?

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Quoting myself in another post:

Slow Mana

12 tiles normally

Shave 1 tile = 10%
Shave 2 tile = 20% <- same as average @ 8 tiles.
Shave 3 tile = 34%

With the 5% costume bonus & 2% emblem bonus you’re at 7%

So for 1 tile saving a level 1 mana troop will work:
11 tiles = 10% boost
5% (costume) + 2% (emblem) + 5% (level 1-4 mana troop) = 11%

For 2 tile saving (now at average speed), you need an extra 13%. That’s a Level 23-28 mana troop

For 3 tile saving (down to 9 tiles) you need an extra 27%. This can’t be done without having an extra mana boost from a special skill.


With that said, just Scarlett and Boldtusk (a healer) could take him down in tank position. What does that tell you? He’s irrelevant. I’d rather have my fully emblem Hansel as a tank.

Green tank --> Telluria

Perfect :grinning:

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