Hordes - A variation on titans that provides a use for slow hit-all heroes

Hi everyone,

One of the biggest issues I see in the game is the lack of situations where slow, hit-all heroes can be used effectively. I’m tired of telling alliance members their new (and possibly only) 5* hero sucks and isn’t worth getting excited about.

My solution would be to rotate in “Hordes” sometimes in place of titans. A horde would be a team of 4-5 mini-titans (all the same color) instead of a single target titan battle. For this situation, some of the often-not-used heroes would be a much better pick than current single target hitters. In this situation, Justice’s full team blind is now much better than Joon’s single target, and her total damage output is greater. Azlar’s full team burn and massive tile damage make him a must have. Horghall’s full team attack debuff works well. Isarnia’s full team hit and defense debuff is absolutely a must have against reds. The increased attacks makes riposte more viable. Many other heroes that are often not used also start to make sense for this application.

This is just an initial idea. Obviously, some balancing would need to take place (battle duration, enemy special charge), but I think it would greatly improve the game by providing a function to so many underused heroes.

Very cool idea :slight_smile: lotta specifics to get hammered out but I like the concept a lot for sure

Interesting idea.

Two variants

==Elite guards==
A low level titan is guarded by 4 Elites ( they have a mana bar and a special skill ), if you kill any of the Elites, it is replaced by a new Elite in 2 turns. Or immediately if there are no living Elites. The goal is to do a total of X damage in any combination, damage to the Elites or damage to the low level titan.

The low level titan can be taken out, in which case it is replaced by a fifth Elite.

Elites would alternate between a W formation ( splash damage hits all Elites and the low level titan ) and the traditional V formation ( splash damage only hits 1- 3 enemies ).

This would let heroes that reduce all enemy mana, splash damage heroes, and target plus nearby damage heroes, get a shot at titan style loot.

==Endless Hoard==
As above, just skip the low level titan.

Except you forget that slow hitting 5* heroes can still be used on titans due to high tile damage…