Hope I did the right thing - Ascended Jackal instead of Owl


Since orbs are so hard to come by…

Instead of leveling Owl to Tier 3, I ascended Jackal to tier 4 because he works in tandem with my Tier 3 Joon.

Anybody having great success with Owl as their mainstay?


I don’t have either, but Owl’s very slow mana puts him on my “suspect” list. I think Jackal is a more versatile choice.


Hell yeah. I don’t see any place for the owl.

(Btw, i have tons of orbs. 24 so far. I’m so sick of it)


Absolutely did the right thing, and I don’t think anyone is using Owl as their mainstay.

Good event boss, not a good hero.


Your approach will bring significant pain on dark titans, and good damage on everything else, and still even ok damage on holy titans. So (as a fellow jackal owner) - approved!


Yeah, Jackal puts in work on dark titans. I only have Bane to stack with Jackal and tiles hit for 1k with buff/debuffs up… Wishing I had Wu Kong!


I recently got Wu Kong and haven’t maxed him yet, but even in low tier 4 status he and jackal bring some serious pain.