Hope for your dream Hero - Seasonal Quest with a unique Token

Hello E&P community and staff :kiss:

If there’s one of things which a lot of players wish the most, then it’s definitely a better chance for a Hero which they try to summon from the beginning. Given the huge amount of heroes in the Tavern of Legens gate, the odds of us getting our Hero are very low. The current chance of getting a past HotM is 1.2%, so we have to divide this number by the number of all past HotMs in the gate to get our Hero, not to mention that another past HotM is added every month. For this reason our hope to summon it moves away more and more :unamused:

One of the possible solutions could be to complete a new seasonal Quest. As a reward you would get one unique Token which would allow you to highlight your Hero and guarantee some better odds to summon it in the Tavern of Legends gate.

Here is an example:

At first - highlight (choose) your Hero. Like this:

The odds would change then.

For example like this:

Appearance Rates

Timo, @SG-Leader & @EmpiresPuzzles, whether you decide to make this improvement or not someday, it would be our hope :kissing_heart:

Dear community, your feedback will be welcome, especially from @Rigs & @Rook who I really like :blush:

10% is higher than any featured hero odds in the game(or just about any 5* hero odds in the game really)

so i think that would need adjusted a bit

also ToL is supposed to be introducing featured hero %s soon so may have already missed the opportunity with this idea :man_shrugging:

@LaraCroft-TR cool idea though


With a more mature player base who have many heroes and with recent downward trends (my perception) in engagement, E&P could really do something for their so far loyal and so far spendy player base, like this.


10% was just an example of how would the Token increase the chance. I imagined a seasonal Quest like at Christmas or Easter which, as we know, happens once a year.

Its rarity wouldn’t ruin SG’s profit. After all, it would still be only a chance to get our Hero. The only difference would be that the Token would guarantee a certain chance to summon it :))

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Yes, this is something I’d like to see in the future. The extra chance for the particular hero would work separately from the other odds as you show in the picture :+1:


By the way, you’re right, @Rigs, 10% is exaggerated in my example even if it’s meant to be a rare Token.

What about 2.5%? This is the chance for 5* hero in the Elemental Summon gate :thinking:

Well, no matter how big the chance would be, I would like it anyway, because we would have some extra chance and that’s the thing :-))


2.5% seems fine. The higher, the better, of course. That would be great :sunglasses: But higher odds would be unlikely to happen in my opinion :upside_down_face:


10% might seem high but as someone who has only gotten. 1 4* troop in 50 pulls…10% is not too high lol.

Welcome to the forum, But you get bane at the start :confused::wink:
Yeah is a good idea but I can’t see this company giving anything extra on summons sad truth.
Ooo @Rigs got a admire :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m trying to visualize—with all of the available HOTM out there—how the highlighting would work without needless scrolling through a long list of heroes.

Oh, and I like 10%. Not realistic, but a cat can dream, can’t she? :grin:

Hi :kissing_heart:

You would only tap on your dream Hero and confirm your choice. Then the system would automatically add the separate odds for it :))

Sure :grin:

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