Hope for my tc?

I was stupid and now one of my tc’s isn’t working. Can’t collect the heroes from it because I don’t have the space to store them or the food to feed them away. Had anybody this problem before? :sweat_smile:


I misunderstood your issue, yes it happens all the time, bad planning… At this point you’ll just have to wait until your ham replenishes, unless you have ham saved and a TC11 that you can work with…

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Ow. Yup your tc20 is unusable until you can collect all 1472 feeders.

Hope you learned your lesson. :smile:

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It will definitely take time… The game will have you collect what you have hero rooms on the roster with (means it’s not an all or nothing type of situation). All you need is at least one free roster space (hopefully by you either clearing up your hero roster space by feeding some other excess hero away, or by paying gems for increasing roster space).

The game “should” allow you to collect what you have space for, and keeping what you couldn’t in the collections queue. Means if you have 100 ready to be collected, but you only have 10 spaces on your roster, 90 will be kept in the queue while you collect the 10.

So, as soon as you have at least the one space, collect hero/heroes, feed, rinse and repeat. Your hams will be the fees, which unfortunately will tie up your farms, quests, titans, raids, wars. You will have a lot of housing full messages after farming, and this will take a long time, so do this if you are serious about freeing up that TC20.

Good luck, @MrMeeseeks.


20 shades of OOPS!! :wink:

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We have all been there … wait, 1472?

Right. We have all been there. You’ll be there longer! :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll get through eventually though. :slight_smile:

Yes, I think I have my lesson learned :joy:
Hardest challenge for me so far in this game :smirk: