HONUS WAGNER has an opening

Honus Wagner is an alliance climbing the leaderboards quickly. Almost 1 year old and currently amongst the top 1800. We have climbed over 18,000 places in less than a year. Inquire about membership and find out why players seldom leave.

I have heard that Honus has several openings, but some aren’t polite to discuss publicly. Really, that is his bidness and not ours.

Necromancing this thread to thank you @Rae-Gen, your tips were really thoughtful and nice!
Sorry we couldn’t add much to you!

Good luck on your next wars! :slight_smile:

Ouch! Are you not proving in your post that leadership was justified in kicking you?! GL in your E&P journey.

Closing due to inactivity. OP can reopen a new thread if they so choose.

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