Honey from TC20

do you mean how from 2 tc20 for 6 months can describe one hero
please help me

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Well another 5 dropped from tc20 but a duplicate Thorne but still in Last 3 months that’s 2 Thorne 1 Elena one sartana

It’s staggering…as tc20 training takes 2 days to finish so if you time it right running 2 you’ll get a pull every day from one tc20 camp then another the next day then repeat

Not short on hero’s to LVL now that’s for sure man my roster has come a long way since late june

Been a while for a 5* from.tc20 but got this guy today


And today finally got my hard hitting elf

And again today a brother lol

And this spartan today

Ok edit today got this swashbuckling fire thrower

No one else getting tc20 love anymore?

Edit and today got my own groot


2nd marjana now

That’s (if doing my math correctly) around a 10% pull rate for me from tc20 for 5*


Nothing for about 6 months then in the last three weeks I get four, although Vivica is duplicate


Still waiting on joon seems like everything but

Well, I’ve been running two TC20s for several months (probably close to a year now?).

Got a Sartana a few days ago. Before that, my last 5* from them was my 4th Richard dupe back in October.

Two legendaries from two TC20s over the course of 5 months is not very good, at all. (less than 1%)

Though I will say, when I first finished my TC20s (around April 2019?), I was pulling about 5% legendaries for a while. Those were the good old days.

Sorry, the above sounds confusing. I finished my first TC20 in spring of 2019. It spit out a legendary in the first couple of weeks of operation. I then finished additional TC20s and ran 2 or 3 simultaneously for a while, then dropped down to just running one while I focused the other TCs on pumping out feeders. Somewhere between 6-12 months ago (spring-summer 2020) I went back up to 2 TC20s because I was running out of legendaries to work on. Between October 2020 to March 2021, those two TC20s have only given me 2 legendaries. Compared to 2019, when I pulled more than half a dozen in 8 months or so.

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Gahh my 4th isarnia joon just won’t appear

Today TC20 gave me my first Domitia. Thanks! The weird thing is that for one year I couldn’t pull my first Rigard and Tiburtus and therefore dark was my weakest colour. Since February TC20 gave me Rigard, Tiburtus, Obakan and Domitia and Valhalla portal gave me Fura. In 2 months the game gave me 5 new purple heroes. RNG, you’re drunk, go home. :grin:

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Well I used to use tc20 for 6 months only and all what I got was 1 joon, 2 justice, 1 elnaken and that’s it so I realized is worthless to train heroes on tc20 and now I train only on retrain legendary hero’s. It’s true 7 days for 1 retrain hero but I least you get a 5*hero in exchange. So tc20 is worthless

Pure F2P 11month… Levle 58

2020/11/1 I used the first TC20;2020/12/1 I use the second TC20.

I have 13players of 5star by TC20. (about 9-10%)

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