Honey Badgers Need You!


Looking for some active members to join our alliance. 1400 trophy minimum. We are hitting 7-10* Titans. We are a fun, low pressure, laid back group. Need some additional members to help fill out our roster and to help us get to that next level.

Thanks for taking a look! We’d love to have you.

Does your alliance have a Line or Discord group messaging set up? Are you a chatty bunch?

What do you mean by “low pressure”? I hit every Titan (though, the Titans don’t always notice) and use every flag in every war. Does low pressure mean as long as I’m active I’m okay or I’m okay if I miss a Titan or don’t use a flag or two?

Hi @RicElDrac,

Thanks for your response. Most of our members don’t use Line or Discord. We do use the chat function, sometimes a lot, sometimes not at all.

Low pressure means we aren’t going to tell you when to hit the titan or when you can use a flask. We wont kick you out for missing a titan. Most members are active and hit the titan when they can. We don’t care if you’re a heavy hitter or a novice. We have a wide range of teams and players.

For wars, all we ask is that you use every flag. If you aren’t available, we just ask that you opt out of the war. We use a specific color tank for wars, so we do ask that all members follow that rule.

If you become inactive without any communication we’ll probably boot you; however, we understand that this is just a game and life events happens.

If interested, check us out and give it a try.

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Thank you for the response.

I am thinking about why I am thinking about leaving as I want to make a good (not rash) decision. I also have the war chest to consider. I (we?) are at 13/25 so I will have to be comfortable with losing that progress. Thx again.

I just noticed you said teams and there are farm teams. How do you determine whether new joiners are in which honey badgers team?

So, when I said teams, I was moreso referring to the teams individual players have. Some have strong teams with team power over 4300, and some have relatively weaker teams. There are two Honey Badgers alliances, because the old alliance (Honey Badgers Beta) had its leader leave without notice. We formed a new alliance under the Honey Badgers title so we could have a fully functional team.

There’s no rush. If you want to wait until your war chest is full, that’s a smart move. We have 6 spots still open so by the time you finish your war chest, we’ll likely have spots still available.


Give Honey Badgers a look. You won’t regret it!

Come check us out. Currently hitting 10* titan. We need your help!

Bump! Come check us out!


Now hitting 11* titans! Come and join us! We have 3 spots open!

Honey Badgers is in need of some new members! Please consider joining our fun laid back alliance!

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