Honesty Alliance Recruitment


We are looking to improve our ranks by recruiting a few strong and dedicated players. If you have the same drive to improve and excitement to take down Titans, we’d love to open our alliance to you! Please post a SS of your profile and we will get with your ASAP!

5*/6* Titans
Power Range 2000 - 3000
Supportive Line Chat
Gameplay Knowledge
Very Drama FREE

2000+ Team Power
Daily Titan Attacks
A Willingness To Be On “Line” (add munchlaz)

Honesty is an expensive gift! Don’t expect is from cheap people!


Still in search of 3 members!


Hi. My player name is sauce. I play every day and want to be in an alliance that does too. My main team are all 4* and one 5* with a 3004 power. My second team is all 4* at around 2400. And I’m working on more and constantly improving on what I have. I don’t spen much money but I do get epic deals when I need the ascension materials.