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For those of you that I have had interesting conversations on Noor, other heroes and ways of playing this game… feel free to reach out to me in discord to further strategise


Did I miss a post where you said you’re leaving the forum? :worried: I like seeing your Santo Jude defenses of the unloved heroes.

(Dang it, I might have to go figure out Discord…)


I’ve reached out! I could use some help with my “at first glance” meh and passive heros! :see_no_evil:

Ive accepted… always a nice challenge to find a use for these types of heroes (not always possible, my roster has a number of unused heroes like Leonidas and Azlar, who whilst not bad do not have a role to play for me

Hey I am not going anywhere :slight_smile: Just thought it is easier to get into more in-depth discussions this way without clogging up the forums



Fixed this for you :laughing:

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Sent you a friend request for no particular reason. Not sure how much we actually agree or disagree on, but I’m always game for interesting debates and learning new perspectives and such.

Accepted :slight_smile:

not sure

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Apologies, I know we’ve both posted in a few of the same discussions before, but sometimes I forget which side everyone is on regarding each individual topic.

That’s simple. We are on…


I think we have agreed on a few and disagreed on a few. But I respect differences of opinion as long as there is logic and reasonableness and as long as the other person is not a douche, and you are one of the rare few (at least on this forum) that tick all three boxes

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… just gonna chalk that one up in my “WINNING” category for the day.



I saw your post where you are thinking about joining a top 100… I have been with Turpitude and they are a great alliance. I would recommend them.

If that doesn’t go ahead for any reason I would also very highly recommend my current alliance, Phoenix Empire. We generally hang around the top 40-80. We are full at the moment but have an opening every couple of weeks or so due to some inter-alliance movement. I have read some of your posts and aside from your roster strength I think you have the right attitude to make it a very good fit both ways.

If you do want to have a chat hit me up on discord or line…
line: homaclese22
discord: homaclese#7195

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