Holy Wolves -4 Open Slots. 1400 Minimum Trophies

Sent you a request to join

Currently seeking 2 new members yet again. One member left due to class load and lack of time playing. Hopefully we can replace her with YOU!

Good afternoon I’m a very active player looking for very active alliance to help earn huge rewards, would love to join Holy Wolves!!

Join today 2 slots available

Moderator’s Note

Please use one thread per alliance for recruiting per #forum-rules.

My apologies for the intertwined post order, you had multiple active threads with overlapping timelines, which made correct merging difficult.

Going forward you can just comment on this existing thread to get it to pop back to the top of #alliance-recruitment, and the Forum software will also increase your ranking with the increased comment and heart count consolidated in one thread.

Good luck with recruiting! :slight_smile:

Only 1 slot still open. Join today.

Once again we have 1 spot open as we continue to evolve. Join us today

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Been playing for awhile, looking to join a new alliance. Currently at 1696 trophies with a team power of 3139. Found you in alliances after reading your post but it’s invite only.

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Just look us up in the game and request to join and we will accept you. Thanks

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We are still looking for 1 player. Join today and you won’t regret your decision

Would like a Titan hitter that can consistently hit 100k per titan

We once again have only 1 spot open for a dedicated E&P player. 1000 Trophy minimum and 100% participation vs Titans and Wars. Currently we are hitting 6* 7* and occasionally 8* Titans.

We are currently in the market for 3 new alliance members who are dedicated to hitting the Titan (7-8*) and participating in wars. We are fairly laid back and try to help one another grow and have fun in the game. If you are below the 1000 trophy limit them send a reply on the forum and I will get back to you. We do make special considerations at time. Thank you.

We recently cleaned house some to make way for much more active members. We are currently seeking 5 new members that have a minimum of 1400 trophies. We are battling 7-8* Titans and should be able to improve once we fill our open positions.

Interested in joining??? Find us in game.

Holy Wolves

No better alliance to join for newer players. You will feel right at home from day 1

Join today while you can. You won’t regret it

4 SPOTS REMAINING. Join today and reap the rewards of having a quality family to support you

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