Holy Wolves -4 Open Slots. 1400 Minimum Trophies

We keep evolving and getting better. 3 players wanted


Found this alliance through the forum and what a great group. New to the game and help is always there from senior members. If need a new alliance, please consider us. ~ej94ksu

We still have 2 openings for any qualified applicant. We would love to have you as we continue to grow and prosper.

Once again we have openings for 2 active players. Join today!!!

We currently have 1 opening for a serious player that has at least 200 trophies. We battle 6 and 7* Titans and hold our own in wars. We enjoy talking about the game and growing together. I realize there are a multitide of alliances available to join but what makes us stand out is the close relationships. Many of us are friends outside the game whether it is family or coworkers which makes things more fun. Anyway join us today. We are invite only so give us a few minutes to accept your application.


Join today if you qualify. We could always use another active members to kill these Titans and win these Wars. Join now!

If i wasn’t in an Alliance, i would join solely for the reason that Turd Ferguson is in the group. Great reference!

LOL. Turd is a really good guy as well.

We are still looking join today

Holy Wolves are shaking things up a bit and moving forward so join us today. There is an 800 Trophy limit to apply and our current Titan level is 6-7* but with your help we will grow in levels. We have a nice close knit core group and are looking to bring others into our inner circle. Be active, ask questions, help others grow and develop and most importantly want to have fun. If you are looking for an alliance that isn’t satisfied with being just average then join us and be part of the revolution!!


Holy Wolves are an up and coming alliance that are currently hitting 6 -7* Titans and usually fair well in wars. We enjoy talking about the game and many of us are friends outside the game as well. We would really like new members who are very active and want to learn and develop their teams. Hopefully you will consider us when you are looking for a quality alliance to join and become part of our family. We appreciate your time and hope to hear from you in the very near future. Holy Wolves

UPDATE In our quest to become stronger we have had to cut ties with a couple of players and are therefore looking for 2 new very active members to grow with us.

Hi, new to this game and all on-line games. Joined this about 4 weeks ago. But I have got six teams and my lead rainbow team is one 5 star hero and 4 four star heroes. Just learning the basic but have about 400 trophies (mostly through people raiding me). Want to learn more and progress. So interested in joining an experienced alliance to help me. Do want to have fun. But do have family commitment too

We would love to have you. Just lookup Holy Wolves and apply to join. Thanks. -Lord Rostov

Sent you a request to join

Currently seeking 2 new members yet again. One member left due to class load and lack of time playing. Hopefully we can replace her with YOU!

Good afternoon I’m a very active player looking for very active alliance to help earn huge rewards, would love to join Holy Wolves!!

Join today 2 slots available

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