Holy Stagnation

Is it me…or have they either ran out of ideas for a Holy 5* or just plainly dont care about creating something different?

Joon = blind
Drake = blind
Onatel = ability to resist blind
Neith = blind

…smh…pure laziness

Edit: Justice too!

You’re right that they are pretty similar… You also missed Justice who features the blind too :stuck_out_tongue:

BUT you also ignored the other 5* Yellow heroes:

  • Leonidas - damage, self heal & mana cut
  • Delilah - Heal & Minion maker
  • Guinevere - Heal over time, Mana Cut
  • Inari - Dodge & mana minions
  • Musashi - DoA & self heal (normal damage)
  • Poseidon - Sniper & Ally Protection
  • Vivica - Heal & Defence Buff
  • Rana - DoA & DoT
  • Ranvir - Sniper & Attack Buff
  • Guardian Owl - DoA, Self Buff

Not even mentioning the new ones coming out:

  • White Rabbit - Sniper & Defence down
  • Guardian Gazelle - who the fk knows what she does :stuck_out_tongue:

So yes there are some duplicate skills BUT there is also variety.

NOTE too, that other colours which have similar duplication… Notably in the Fire (red) sets… There are a lot of Burn Heroes in there.


Awesome take on G Gazelle made me burst out laughing.


Don’t forget the 4s…
Li mana cut
Chao mana cut
Hu tao

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They’re so shiny those holy, that everybody gets blinded. :wink:


How far down you want to go? Bane also features a Blind :stuck_out_tongue:

And Gan Ju features the mana cut

Sha ji - healer…lol

Maybe it’s not that they’re lazy but that they chose to have specific status ailments specific to each elements. Fire has burn, dark has poison, holy has blind and the other two actually dont fit in my theory so Idk… but my guess would be nature kinda has a lot of attack down and blue sorta has a lot of defense down.


And wu Kong is just an insane anomoly. Though blind is in his still too but against his allies. I guess that kinda fits.
I see that too about overall patterns and you see general things if you look at s1 as a whole together you see patterns within each color. Blue tends to attack stronger but has low defense, green is fast but weaker in general. Of course some differ but in general they are fairly balanced overall.

I agree. The elements have their general expertise on a particular buff or debuff or status ailment.

Blind and mana cuts are what yellow does.

Unfortunately, that’s ALL they do. Yellow has some of the most limited 4 stars in the game:

  • Yellow is the only color without a 4 star healer
  • No (general) attack buff
  • No defense debuff
  • No dispel
  • No cleanse

Holy has some great 5 star heroes, but 4 star is where the game is played.

I agree and disagree… There are other colours which are missing elements of your list too… It would be nice to have all options available in all colours but that is where an element of the game-play comes in.

Also, 4* is a stepping stone to 5* level of play. It’s the natural progression. You start with 1 & 2* heroes… You use them to get to the 3* hero level which you use to get to 4*. 4* is definitely the LONGEST hurdle in the progression due to the rarity of 5* materials but it is a stepping stone none-the-less.

Ultimately you want the full versatility in the endgame (i.e. the 5* arena) and that is where you’ll find that there is a bit of pretty well everything in each colour. There are some notable deficiencies and some aspects are harder to get obviously but it is much more smoothed out across the board…


White rabbit will fill this gap.
Jackal with elemental def down.

Vivica cleanses and should dispel with her costume, too.

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Dark heroes also have mana stop even though it is only on two. Proteus and Hel. I know one ailment that is not on just one element is silence. Peters and Miki have it.

Green has -atk like SS, Horghall, Kingston …
Blue has -def like Isarnia, Valen, Ulmer, Grimm, Frida, Arthur …

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The only difference being that those colors don’t have a monopoly on “their” debuffs, unlike some others. It seems that with the January HotM, blue is getting a unique debuff of water damage over time, though with only one hero having it, it is hardly a pattern. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple S3 blues with this new power, though.


Next HoTM Grimble has an innate ability to resist blind. :see_no_evil:

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But it kinda fits different colors having different themes.
Yellow is mostly about accuracy loss and mana cuts and I find it ok.

And it’s not like all yellow heroes are constrained by the theme. Just a part of them.

It’s just bad when all of the other colors have something and it’s the not-have color. In war, it’s no so fun stacking Hu Tao with Li Xiu, I’d rather have BT and Wilbur/Gormek.

I was talking about 4 stars in my post.

Yes, that’s one of the reasons why White Rabbit is so unique (if we’re talking about 5 stars). And it will be extremely hard to get and rare. Much more rare than Tiburtus, Gormek, Wilbur, Grimm. Maybe Tiburtus is the anomaly, if he didn’t exist, it wouldn’t make sense for yellow to have defense down either.

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