Holy question

Just got 4 orb and have a few heroes In waiting.
My 5 stars
Poseidon 370, Justice 370, Drake Fong 260
My 4 stars
GJ fully ascended, Wu 3
60, Mist 360, LiXiu 360
Was thinking between Mist ( have fully ascended Brunhild to pair) and Poseidon but will be grateful for advice

For Titan:
If you do not have titan booster (Miki/Tarlak/Ranvir/Gazelle), then Wu Kong.

Mist is for allaround great choice specially paired with GJackal and sniper Poseidon or hit-3 Drake Fong.


Is Jackal your only maxed 4*?!?

If yes… Put the fives down and get busy with the 4*… Max at least 4 or 5 (maybe more!) in each colour before starting on 5* in that colour.


What star titans are you fighting? Wu at 3-60 will do fine on 8-7* titans or below, but if you are not already fighting 8* titans or above consider finding an alliance that is, as you will get a lot more unfarmable mats that way. If you are on 8* or more, ascend Wu if you don’t have Miki or Tarlak, then Mist (Don’t bother with Li, she won’t be much help to you in the long run). Once you have gathered more orbs, max Poseidon (will pair well as a 1-2 combo with your Jackal) and then Drake(leave Justice at 3-70 forever).


Thank you all for advices! We face 7-8 star titans but I was just unlucky getting orbs, Justice was my first and second 5* and for quite long time the only holy hence she got 3 assenting.
Will go with Wu as he is very useful for titans and I don’t have any other replacement yet.

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Wukong can serve his purpose at 3.60, I´d go for Mist. (Consider leveling Poseidon if you are short of compass and tomes. so you can save them for other 4*)

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