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Hi all, I just picked up Leonidas from TC20 tonight, that made me pretty happy. But his arrival now brings up my question of who to work on next. I usually have a pretty good feel for who to go with just by reading everyone’s posts on various heroes, but I wanted to approach the community with this one and see what advice I can get.

So currently I have Drake maxed and justice at 3-70. I also picked up Gazelle during Teltoc, and of course now Leonidas. I don’t normally prioritize slow heroes if I can help it, so when Gazelle showed up I was happy to earmark the ascension mats for her. Now with Leo in the mix I’m not sure who I should work on. I’m thinking Leo > Gazelle > Justice, but only because Gazelle looks like she needs the right heroes in place before using her. Thanks for any help.

Gazelle is much better than Leo, who in turn is much better than Justice.


I agree, but without the right protection she can also be a liability. With only Drake and Kingston maxed atm, she might be more of a liability… or I could be completely wrong, it’s happened before haha.

Gazelle would be my vote followed by Leo then Justice last.

The attack buff and damage reduction makes her a valuable support hero. The damage inflicted if she dies is pretty minimal it’s only the mana cut which hurts.

Overall I’d say that Gazelle definitely is more versatile as she can be used to great effect in other colour stacks other than just yellow.


Yeah I watched a few videos and the damage is pretty small, that mana loss looks like it can really change the course of a fight though.

In my honest opinion, I would level Guardian Gazelle, followed by Leonidas. But I still love my Justice with emblems.
Good luck


Gazelle is awesome. I’ve used her at 4/50 on our last purple titan… Leo is a hero that will be replaced as your roster grows. Gazelle adds something unique and can be helpful in all areas of the game.


Yes, Titans are one aspect I’m looking forward to using her in, my yellow stack w/ Wu is lacking a bit atm. But I guess she would work ok with Wu also. When she goes off she would dispel his gambler stance for lower damage, but no chance to miss.

Even without his special, wu’s attack stats are decent… higher than li and chao. So adding him to a yellow stack would be beneficial.


I have Wu at +18, so 752 attack. I haven’t decided to strip him yet, but it has crossed my mind to give his emblems to either Drake or Wilbur. But yeah, he’s on every Titan team, usually stacking 4-1.

I’d imagine once you get miki or tarlak, Wu will look less desirabable. You’ll see more benefit using those emblems on drake for sure, and wilbur most likely… two heroes that will be have a long time place on your war teams (unlike Wu).

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I actually do have Miki, unleveled. Just haven’t had the time to give him mats yet as I’ve been working on Ariel first. I know once I get him to 3-70 I’ll replace Wu with him and possibly reassess emblems.

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I would like to offer a bit of a different twist since your snap has a Jackal sitting only partially leveled. Max Jackal before ANY other yellow (maybe you already are).

After Jackal, I have not had any experience with Gazelle, but I have heard she is great offensively (pretty poor defensively). So if you do not want a replacement for Drake on defense, then I would say Gazelle should be the first of the three mentioned.

I do have a maxed and partially emblemed Leo, and he definitely has his uses. Math4lyfe said that Leo will be replaced, and while that may be true at some point, the nature of RNG is that you have no idea when that would be. You will still use Leo in wars and on purple titans for the mana drop.

My Justice is also sitting at 3-70 (only have Ranvir and Leo maxed for 5* yellow), and she is still serviceable in wars and against 9* and below titans.

TLDR; JACKAL first and foremost, then Gazelle if only considering use on offense, then Leo and Justice.

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Yes, you are absolutely correct, I have priority on Jackal and Falcon, who just broke through 4th tier. Falcon has over 570 emblems waiting and Jackal will be getting my +18 emblems from Kelile when he grows up.

I’m in a lul right now for leveling as I’m finishing up Mels costume and may start the Duke of Rock costume shortly after. Once those are done I’ll go back to finish Jackal 1 of 3 and Falcon 1 of 2, followed by Ariel. Once Ariel is maxed I’m thinking I’ll start on Gazelle, but I’ll save any dark heroes for Sartana so she can finish maxing.

Edit: I normally feed on color for training, but Kingston I decided to throw everything at to speed up the process, so I may ditch on color feeding for a while just to speed things up a bit.

On the Gazelle thing, I have just added her into the Titan Damage Boosters comparison :slight_smile:

Short notes is that she is (more or less) the equivalent of Tarlak with some trade-offs… Main one being that she doesn’t buff herself.

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I just read that about 10 minutes ago. Thank you, nice write up.

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