Holy monster chest bug-SOLVED

The last two time I fought stage 16-3, all holy monsters on that stage and it did not give me full credit. I was at 75 then got 21 at that stage and it only gave me 8. This happened more than once.

Impossible to get 21 monsters on any stage besides last levels of quests with 5 waves. The Guide to efficent farming says for 16-3 says 6-10 yellows + boss and 2 yellows. So there are from 8 (your case) to 12 yellow (best case) enemies in that stage.

What is the count on the chest at the end of the level that said 21 at the
top left I thought that was like a monster kill credit count. Of well I
will just keep working away at it.

The chest on top left counts the number of reward items earned including recluits.


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I don’t know if it was the update but some of the Titans seem way harder to
kill now everyone in my alliance that use to get over 15k per try are now
having a hard time getting up to 10k my self included I would normally get
25-27k a try now I am lucky to get around 15k.

What gives?

The stacking at high levels has been reduced, that could be the cause.


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Hello again,

Around 4:30 my time this morning i purchesd the dayly offer for 200 gens
and the hidden blade and normally it say you have recieved this and I press
ok and it adds the items. I still have not recieved the hidden blade yet i
only needed one more to level one of my heroes.

Rook how is Alliance matching donefor the wars we got matched aginst an alliance with a total score 10k more then ours and they are tearing through us like nothing? One of their players got over 600 points off of us in the first round i cant get over 340 in the first round.

I can’t find any info on line…

There are tons of posts about this, but it is.based on titan score.
2000 points are distributed amongst all alliance members, if one scored 600 in 1st half it means that they took down your strongest teams. You needntomincrease the power of your weaker teams



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I was wondering is it posible to opt out of the wars we never get matched well and it is getting old fast?


To forfeit a war, remove ALL heroes from ALL of your war defense line-ups (all 30 players).

Currently, that is the closest to “opt out” that we have.

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I think a challenge feature would be nicer were you could challenge another alliance close to your alliance score and they could accept and battle and still get something or refuse and get nothing and the other alliance that challenged would get both sets of prizes.

Just an idea

Hi @Turbostream :slight_smile:

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