Holy Hitters Batman! Leo vs Musashi vs Ranvir vs Justice - (Cast a vote and help a homie)

  • Leonidas
  • Musashi
  • Ranvir
  • Justice
  • Wait for Atlantis/Teltoc

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I’ve got 9 darts, and I need a holy hitter.

Current Heroes:

Joon (11)
Jackal (20)
Jackal (16)
Onatel (11)

Current needs

A holy hitter for war bouts.


I’m getting close to 24 heroes, which is an important number for me. 24 heroes means I can bring 4 five-stars and 1 four-star to every war match. I really need a yellow hitter, but my options are slim…

Leo is an average speed vanilla 5-star, but he packs a punch, with mana control utility…
Musashi hits like a feather, but he’s fast, and that’s important
Justice has fantastic utility (blind all), but she’s slow
Ranvir has a huge miss chance, making him undesirable (I have Wilbur + Wu Kong + Miki 3/70)


Do I wait for a .33% chance to draw Drake Fong from Atlantis?
Or maybe I wait for Guardian Gazelle, even though she’s not a hitter?

I’ve been torn over this decision for months.

Or Poseidon… I’d vote Leo after you’ve tried your luck at those pulls.

Good call - not sure how the king of the sea slipped my mind.

I think waiting on 1 or 2 more Atlantis portals is wise. By the time a 3rd comes around, I’ll probably have 12 darts, so I can make the call after January’s event + Atlantis…

Patience wins again ;(

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Of those Leo packs the most punch, but Poseidon would trump them all.

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The fast 5* Goa HalfHorseWu would get my darts.

I love his design and elemental link, but man I hate missing hits! It’s hard to justify the ascension when I know I’ll cringe every time I bring the centaur to war.

And since I have Wilbur + Wu Kong + Miki (3/70), I’d rather have a ‘true hitter.’

Still - he’s arguably better than Leo because he’s a titan specialist with ‘next gen’ base stats + link.

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Wu and Ranvir are cool to recharge your team, when they have no mana.

Off color misses are like ghosted tiles an on color could slash death.

He’s a bit of a gambler, but it’s a gambling game with a lot of luck over skills.

Would you rely on RNG? :wink:

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I don’t know if you have Miki or Tarlak, but if you don’t I would go Ranvir for titans at least.

Ranvir is actually very good on offense as well. Not as good as Tarlak, but much better than Miki. He is on my main yellow mono team placing a maxed Inari, Guin and Athena on my secondary. My main team is

Jackal (20) - Drake (9) - Poseidon - White Rabbit - Ranvir

I always fire Ranvir off last and his direct damage is usually a finishing kill shot. Any yellow matches after that are usually at least another kill as well even taking out other yellows at full health with just 3 tiles.

However, if thats not your play-style, then I would go after Poseidon or a second Joon. I just got Joons costume so I am waiting on 2 darts to max him next.

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Of these options, Ranvir. He’s great against purple titans. The +46% defense against dark is great, works well paired with Wilbur. As far as war is concerned he’s ok. The fact he won’t miss if the defenders are lower health than your heroes means that he will never cost you a win by missing, and his huge damage boost can potentially turn around a loss into a win. The fact he’s fast mana and hits a little bit helps too. Of course his hit isn’t massive but it’s usually enough to finish off a defender that’s already weakened from the tiles used to charge him :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: