Holy heroes not allowed - how about no yellow tiles?

Current tournament doesn’t allow you to use yellow heroes, and I am already out because boards were crazy yellow. Remember, special rule is rush attack - super fast mana generation, it deffinitelly helped my opponents.

Please please please please please can you filter out yellow tiles from the board next time yellow heroes are not allowed? Or at least reduce their number.


All that would do is make the board easier, with tons of combos and diamonds for your other colors (as, based on averages, there would be 5% more of each color in place of the yellow tiles). You just have to work the boards and hope. If they do this, where do you stop. Do you set the board so it only shows the colors in your active roster? If so, I could put together a color stacked 1* team, and clear the board because… that would be the only color! Just play what they give you and hope. I’ve won quite a few battles by clearing the yellows (or any color not in m roster - if I’m stacking) with a diamond, and the ensuing combos knock down (and sometimes out) an opponent.


If the game bases on hope, luck and randomness, then does it make any sense?

Face the truth, tornament are heavily starting board rng based… I got out because for some reason, i never got the color i want trough the entire raid. Got lots of useless tiles

I’m in the same boat, would of, could of, should have taken different coloured heros. Oh well, not going to stress, we’ll get free loot anyway!

Tile generation is RNG. Random. I’m sorry you had so many yellow tiles for a round or two, but i’m sure it will not continue. RNG.

Be aware there is already an existing thread requesting removal of tiles for heroes not allowed in the raid tournament. See here:

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