Holy hero that put defense down

In every color we have at least one that do -34 def down and one that do -54 def on his element.

Only holy had none but. Jackal. We don’t have any reg -34 def down holy that we can paired him with.

Mean while we have
Ice Grimm, Isarnia and Athena to paired with Frida or Arthur

Fire Gormek or Wilbur to paired up with Falcon

Dark Tiburtus, Kunchen or Cheshire Cat to paired with Panther

Nature Buddy to paired with Evelyn

Holy we just have poor lonely Jackal

Agreed! I’ve been saying this for a while now too. Makes me sad for poor Jackal. He’s all lonely.


Imho, we don’t need a defense down hero in every colour… Sometimes colour specific abilities are more interesting and brings more variety to the game. Holy heroes are known for their blindness curse and mana cutting abilities. We don’t need a third ability. The ramming Pulverizer trio can take care of the defense down on most heroes. Anyway, specials are not colour specific, they don’t do more or less damage to any particular hero.


I vote for Ranvir, they are amazing when combine.

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I vote for Ranvir as well or Leonidas

More about titans than pvp…

All the examples she gave for other colors are titan duos where dropping defense matters the most to amplify damage

And i do agree with her we’ve needed a regular D down hero in holy for a long time. A dispeller would be nice as well. A holy hero that drops the regular defense of 3 and dispels would easily fill both roles. Of course a 5* holy elemental D dropper would be welcomed as well

Though purple titans are the easiest and jackal does work for now, i dont think he will be sturdy enough on 13/14* and even with maxed emblems he’s not as durable as joon

And to bring wilbur or athena or another regular D dropper it sacrifices bringin a 5th holy hero where you dont have to make that choice in the other colors. Can go mono on a titan in any other color and bring a regular defense dropper and an elmental defense dropper.


Has to be someone with at least 3 way defense down. So either musashi, or Lee or justice. Assuming you want to keep it 5*. Otherwise li xiu. But the titans are only getting tougher, so I say a 5*.

This is past due. There’s no way to go mono Yellow and bring a d dropper to the fight.

Agree!! We need one. Maybe change a hero like Leonidas.

agreed and Voted

We need a general defense down in Holy. I think it should be a new hero, not an existing one.


When I was applying for beta, I mentioned this in one of my descriptions about heroes top 5 likes, dislikes etc. As well as Holy and fire being the only 2 elements not to have a 5* on color Defense down. My suggestion was buffing G Kong with this feature, and creating a 5* version of jackyl, but whatever happens, I am glad to see that the word is getting around, and others may feel similarly, to get the opinion all the way here for a vote. :smirk:, awesome.


Agreed, one hundred percent. See my comment I posted. Wdyt?

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I think the biggest difference between jackal and falcon is durabiltiy, which is why i feel there is a bigger need for a 5* yellow than a 5* red

Falcon starts out with 754 defense which is survivable on 12s, and with emblems would even be survivable on higher titans

Problem with jackal is he doesn’t have that option. No matter what troops and emblems he has, he’s lookin at bein 1 shotted with a base defense below 700

So yes a red 5* defense dropper would be nice, and i dont think a slight change in GK special would be game breaking or frowned upon as he’s not extremely popular as is, of course i would rather see him in another event or see at least 1 hotm in every color that is similar to evelyn, frida, and panther

Ranvir should have been the yellow in my opinion. A 5* wu was a bit early and could have waited until next generation of hotms, same goes for nadnog, they should have continued the frida/evelyn trend until each color was complete.

As far as purple they could do opposite of what they did with ka/frida. Where since panther is event hero that does what frida does, then they could have made sesh the purple arthur but at fast mana. I would havd preferred that for the game base vs another minion hero.

Anyways I’m gettin off topic. Yellow, red, could really use dispellers and 5* elemental D droppers, and yellow needs a regular defense dropper(maybe roll all 3 of those into 1 yellow and just make it slow mana? Wording similar to chesh, drops all enemy defense by -%, but drops yellow enemies defense by -% vs dark?, dispels all?)

Just food for thought, fun discussion


I vote for Justice…otherwise Justice with slow mana isnt worth having to me. Been sitting on my bench unleveled for awhile now

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It wil great if it has a *5 or survivable *4 version of Wilbur Holy. :sunglasses:
And also a *5 or survivable *4 version Holy of -def elemental holy.

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Very interesting… justice… hmmm…

I totally agree with you. 100%. The only reason I mentioned Kong was because he is the worst hero imo in the game. It would make him more appealing if he actually did something more worth while. With a name like Kong, his power and skills and specials should be epic. And yes jackyls glass jaw and a 5* version should be remedied. 1,000,000%

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As well as Magni’s in order to compete with today’s game… I know it’s off topic but the glass jaw thing with jackyl got me on this one. I wasnt lucky to get Alassie or Alice which are two blue well balanced snipers. I have a magni. Leveled and tokened not down attack down defences to try to remedy this. Tokened to 3 just barely made 609. How can you compare that to 700-800 defenses and 1300-1500 health with today’s untokened heroes? Magni and jackyl both need some severe defense buffs. I have 2 more magnis as virgins I refuse to put mats or time energy or money into specifically for that reason. It irks and vexes me. Sorry for that rant. It’s just a personal opinion. I wrote that in my beta app as well.

I don’t know, i agree with @ThePirateKing earlier. This game doesn’t need fairness among abilities in every color. I don’t want the same ability but applied to every color. I like that some colors have unique/niche abilities over others.

Instead of taking a strategy from one color against titans, find a new strategy. If it’s not as effective, well guess what, now you know which titans you are better/worst at. It’s adds variety to the game knowing some colors have different abilities than others and that you have to constantly change your strategies for the opponent you are facing. It would get monotonous and boring if every color had the same abilities


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