Holy hero help

Currently I have Lianna, Aeron, Justice, Gravemaker and Alasie all at 3-70. I need one more dart to ascend a hero to 4. On my bench I have Vivicca and Joon. Which of those two should I level up? No, I’m not going to level Justice, shes staying where she is for a while. I’m one tabard away from ascending a dark as well. May hold off on Aeron. Hoping for panther (next month if rumors are true) or Sartana. Have Domitia and Quintus on the bench.

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Joon. Twenty characters

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Yep Joon, you won’t regret it

Joon Joon Joon and Joon.

Im in the same predicament but I agree with the others and I’m going to go with Joon. As far as the dark goes, I have enough tabards to ascend one hero and I also wanted to wait for Panther but I think Im going to go with Sartana instead.

I have a similar predicament. I am currently working on my first ‘rainbow’ set of 5*s. For yellow, I am building Delilah, who recently ate 4 orbs ascending to 3rd tier. I need 2 more orbs, but have 6 darts for final ascension. She is currently 3-25. Today my tc20 spat out Joon…very happy with that :slight_smile: Question: Do I continue Delilah, bring her to 3-70 and use resources on Joon or switch immediately to leveling Joon, or continue with original plan and level Joon later (btw, I don’t favor this last one) Please advise, good folk!

My petsonal experience is that a 4* or 5* starts becoming effective, ie decent chance of surviving, for quests and events about 3/30 to 3/35, so in your place I’d probably take Deliah that far, then work on Joon as the higher priority.

Great predicament to have btw. Joon is irreplaceable for all forms of attack teams, Delilah is excellent for war and raid defense. Without seeing the rest of your team its hard to say how to prioritize. In any event they are both worth your resources. ( I would work on Joon)

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“It depends”©

Having a 5* healer really helps a team, and Delilah is among the best. Not that there are that many, but you get my drift. But she is completely unsuitable for timed runs—titans or events—and Joon is so amazing for both. Do not underestimate the benefits of blinding a Titan or an AoE for.

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