Holy Hero Headaches,Who Has Asprin!

I have 12 four to five star holy heroes and i am looking for some help. On average I believe I am getting one magic orb a month. No complaints here I mean I get the in it for the long-haul Frame of mind. I am so confused with Who to level and in what order, should I drop any of them and so on. I have 3 Vivica’s (4/7-2/54-1/1)Rana 3/8,Chao 1/1,Drake F. 2/34,Gretel 4/47,HuTao 3/60,Justice 3/21,Leonidas 2/37,LiXiu 3/22,and WuKong 2/28. Again I am lucky to have these heroes but with orbs being so elusive I really am getting headaches trying to figure this holy mess out. Thanks in advance for any advice :thinking:

Depends on the rest of your team, but if you don’t have the Darts I’d wait to use your orbs on any 5*. Wu is great for events, quests and titans so I’d say him. He’ll be the most helpful in getting you more orbs for ascending.


Heard nothing but good about Wu,Just got him last week

He’s great, you’ll love having him on your titan team and watching your scores fly through the roof. For 5*, I don’t have much experience with Rana- I know she makes an alright tank and is supposed to be pretty good but idk enough to make any informed opinion on that one. Since you already have a Vivica ascended I’d skip a second til you get more hitters up there, Drake Fong is nice for the hit and blind on three enemies. He’s not the best, but he’s good for defense and decent enough on offense. But again, I’d wait until you have, or are close to having, all of the neccesary mats first. By then you might get Joon, and I’d go with him over Drake. Second yellow 4* I’d try to get Jackal, but if you don’t then probably Gretel. Her mana control isn’t as good as Hansels with average mana, but it’s still a great tool to have at your disposal.

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So would it be foolish to feed Leonidos 5* To Wu 4* I did a trial and it would level Wu 14 levels

A good rule of thumb is to never feed your last copy of any 4* or 5*, so even though you might get a lot of experience for it, it’s something you may come to later regret. Leonidas isn’t the best character, but he’s a lot better than he ever used to be, so you might end up finding some uses for him like war or color stacking. Especially since you’ve already started working on him, I wouldn’t feed away that progress just in case. Though, I wouldn’t work on him anymore until you finish with most of your other yellows.


I wonder if I should screenshot my whole team. I’ve never done that because I think I have fair potential but I just don’t know what to do right now. I do participate in challenges ,wars ,Titans ,and anything that comes up, maybe I am doing better than I think but I’m always guessing on what team to field for each particular event. Unfortunately I have only been on this forum for a couple of weeks , should’ve done it seven months ago when I started playing this game. I appreciate you taking the time to help!

Okay now that I’ve looked through your bench some more, I would finish Vivica out to 80, then Gretel to 70, then ascend Rana since you already started with her, and finish out the other yellows you’ve started at least until their max level in their current ascension (okay, you could maybe skip Leonidas and the others you don’t plan on using anytime soon), then start working on Wu (for events and some titans, even though you have Tarlak). Drake if you get more darts and orbs (would be nice for you to have a fast mana on your team).