Holy Female Sphinx from s5 needs to be her own hero

This is a topic I wanted to continue with its own thread.

How in the world did the developers waste the art for the Sun Sphinx on a generic boss? She is unique and beautiful and has the same mechanics as Khufu, but does blind. Hopefully they make her a playable card, just like Bera.

Give her a good name and the following stats/ability

Name: Anuket

5* Holy Hero
Mana speed: Average

Atk 807
Def 769
HP 1503

Special Skill: Strike of the Sun (riddle of the sun sounds dumb)

•Deals 285% damage to the target.
•The attack chains through any enemy adjacent to a hit target, dealing extra damage against unholy enemies.
•All enemies receive -30 accuracy for 3 turns. This effect resets if the target is healed. The enemy takes 200 damage if the effect is cleansed.

This would be a great hero that wouldn’t be too broken.

If y’all agree or think of another version for the developers to try, discuss it here.

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