Holy Chest Loot

Just opened a Holy Chest and got 5 rogue emblems… is that normal loot emblem amount or did I get a crappy chest?

I’ve been getting similar results. I’ve opened 2 colored chests since emblems began and got 5 emblems in each. Apparently some have seen up to 50. I did get 2 gold hero tokens at the same time though, so the pull was not bad overall, just bad for emblems

I’ve had 2.

3 emblems in one, 20 in the other.

Got 30 today from Holy Chest.

I also had 3. the gap 3-50 is a bit too large. 10-50 would do

well you can judge it in comparision to my alliance mate recent chest

In the old chests, gems would range a bit from 10 to 50, depending what else I got in the chest. I think Emblems work the same way.

If you got a low amount of emblems, look at what else you got in the chest.

I hear you Rook, but take a look to the chest i posted above… thats way over the “normal” :wink:

That’s an insanely good chest. Wow. I wouldn’t consider that a normal chest; more like winning the chest lottery! :grin:

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Nono I don‘t think so. I lowrolled on gems (20) emblems (3) tokens (3 grey) mats (one glove) trainer (1*) flask (WE) on my last chest.

I think they work pretty independently.

Try tracking them over time. :slight_smile:

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I did in the past. But the only pattern I felt to see was that chests that come with good mats in the beginning continue with golden tokens. But sample size not too big:D

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Worst holy chest ever for me.

That‘s not a holy but a normal monster chest :wink: