Holiday Gem Gifting to Alliance mates / Bring back Share the Gems Offer for Christmas

Wow… feeling overwhelmed by SGG constantly pushing deals to generate revenue.

And no feature where we can send gem gifts to our alliance mates.

SGG… >> increasing social aspects and communication amongst alliance will increase your bottom line in the end.

I would Like If there are more funktions to interact With Allianz member
As Well i would like If there are more often Options for giftings

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Would’ve been great if the devs offered that “buy 300 gems for yourself and 30 for each teammate” deal on Christmas this year (there’s still New Years). Come on, guys! One of my teammates said that’s the only time he spends money. Also, no holiday pins either? You guys could have made money on both of these items. I don’t understand it…VERY disappointing.

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I was VERY surprised and disappointed that there was no holiday offer to share gems with teammates this year.


This was incredibly disappointing.

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Thanks SGG for listening to us and improving this part of the game!

Ahh wait… never mind you never bother to reply to the forum on these matters.

Instead Let’s just make the parts of this game app like the inbox and chat more annoying! Like spam us instead?

Or shove those annoying deals at us as “Christmas theme offers”

Seriously … this is getting so lame

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