Holiday anxiety

2019 is a year where ill be travelling heaps in the first half of the year… and it makes me nervous thinking that I might miss a rare quest (especially fine gloves @Shohoku79, damascus blades), challenge events and now class quests while en route.

Anyone else get nervous about missing important quests?

I also have a favour to ask… If a rare quest, class trial/quest or challenge event comes out can you guys tag me please? Lol

Yes it’s crazy and overboard.

@Rigs @AirHawk @Jedon @zephyr1



On planes with Gogo, often if you do the free email service the ports are open to play E&P…it has worked for me more often than not :wink:


That’s a good point. Thanks General. Some flights let you pay for in flight wifi…

…Hang on…

If I pay for in-flight WiFi do I lose my revered FTP status… and turn into one of those P2P fellows? :joy:


You missed the point…many have a “free” level for just reading email. But for whatever reason even though browsers and the like doesn’t work, the right ports are open and you can play E&P for free. It works like 97% of the time.


Ohhh I see. I’ll have to have a look. Thanks for having my back and keeping my FTP status intact @General_Confusion :joy::joy::joy:


Since you’re describing your travels as holiday I am assuming they’re for leasure and not career.

If that’s the case… I am concerned that you’re anxious about what happens to your game while you’re away.

I don’t mean to offend, just I want to offer up these words that maybe you can consider:

Have you become a slave to the game?

I can’t answer that. Recently JB took stock with a similar introspective analysis and made some changes. A post like this, to me, screams for such an introspective look.

If you’re content with how things are, perfect. But I do think with the omnipresent nature of the game, it can really overwhelm your life if you let it. (You meaning anyone.).

So just… take care. You’re going on vacation. You’re gonna be somewhere without WiFi… be THERE… not stuck worrying about some virtual world.

There will always be other quests… other chances to level your heroes and get emblems.

This life experience of this particular holiday. You only get it this one time.

Enjoy it


We all are to different extents, and I appreciate the check-in @Duaneski

No offence taken

I suspect I am on the higher end of the spectrum (at least “above average”) but I will ensure I spend quality time in the real world of course.

I don’t need to exhaust my world energy while overseas but it would be nice just to do the rare stuff to avoid the grind for mats when I’m back.


If one will be afraid of missing sth due to inactivity, I’d recommend visiting ‘I know I play too much E&P when…’ :wink: :yum:


The problem is I’ve visited it too much already :joy:


Lol as long as you’re happy I’m happy :smiley:

I hate being ‘that guy’ ya know. Just man. These games addictive!!! Hah :slight_smile:

When me and the Mrs went on holiday last year, we enjoyed playing E&P during. So I get it for sure :wink: I think the way you described it just worried me :wink:

I’ll bookmark this, and try to tag ya if an event comes up as well.

What is the date range you want tagged in?

We could probably just have some of the pros figure out when the events will occur in advance too :stuck_out_tongue:


This seems like a reasonable balance, and was going to be my suggestion.

You can prep your training camps to run for a while, minimize or take a break from farming, perhaps opt out of War, and maybe even let alliance mates know you’ll be taking a break (or at least a reduced participation) on titans.

With the Challenge Events, Rare Quests, and Class Trials that leaves, you can likely fit play time in during downtime without it distracting from your trip, and with it being fun and not a job. You may also want to consider using saved WE flasks for convenience, so you can play more when you want and not worry about flag recharge time.

@Gryphonknight put together a nice “so you’re going on vacation” (or rage quitting) guide a few weeks ago that has helpful and practical suggestions on setting things up to coast for a bit:


Thanks @Duaneski. First half of February

Last half of April

First half of May

First half of June


Yes these games are addictive.

Thanks @zephyr1 and @Gryphonknight

I might just tc20 x4 it for weeks on end.

When I come back, knowing your speed @zephyr1, you’ll probably be at level 50 already :joy:

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When i travel for work, i don’t give two ***** about the game. it works out great. :grinning:


I have no clue what the guys been talking about but I will simply keep tagging you @FrenziedEye if any important quest/challange poped up.
Have you done the Barbarian quest running now my friend?

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While I am really flattered that you kept thinking about me whenever you get another pair of Fine Gloves to show up in your coffers (and nope, still didn’t get any more since Pirates and the last Farholme), I do want to take a slightly more serious note as @Duaneski have brought up a few posts above mine.

I think for the most part in the You know you’ve been playing too much E&P when… thread, some of those scenarios, while having some truth to them, a large portion of them seem a bit exaggerated or embellished for humor purposes. One of those that you had mentioned that caught my eye has been mentioning about refusing to go for an overseas honeymoon and looking for Wi-Fi while in overseas airports/hotels.

While it’s all laughs and stuff for us here on the forums, if there is even a grain of truth to that scenario pertaining to you, I’d actually like to bring some caution to you, especially if you are or about to become Mr. and Mrs. Frenzied Eye and some of those travel plans involving related activities, please don’t let a mobile game potentially damage one of the most important moments of your life.

You miss some quests, and potentially fall behind some players on the global rankings because you missed out on loots in a mobile game. Holidays / Vacations should be time to be spent with loved ones, and the worst kind is when every one is focused on their handheld device instead of at each other.

Any way, that being said, I hope that you will balance game life with real life and trust that you can prioritize what is more important.

The game will still be here when you return.

Enjoy your holidays.


Fantastic advice, thanks @Shohoku79

Yes exaggeration only, that did not and will not occur :joy:

Yes I have my friend, it was not too difficult.

Cheers and much appreciated

Sorry again about the mix up yesterday @Jedon


Nothing happen to be sorry my friend.

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Unless you are without any service for 24hrs in a row you probably won’t miss much. I missed a titan flag or two on my non-wifi 14hr flight to Asia (and then back) but that’s it from a multi-country international trip. No need to panic about all this :slight_smile:

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This thread may also help.


@FrenziedEye MORLOVIA!!!

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