Holding 5* heroes unlevelled vs feeding them


I’m just wondering what others think on this…

I’m thinking there’s no merit to keeping heroes with which I have no intention of levelling. I’m mainly thinking in terms of fives - I’ve been feeding dupe or undesirable fours Cos I see no upside to keeping heroes I won’t level

It seems a little more heartbreaking/wasteful to feed a five though, and I haven’t done it yet…

Case in point - I have panther, sartana, Richard, isarnia all at 3.70, azlar, marj and quintus at 2.60, elkanen at 2.30 but have stopped feeding, and horghall, justice, domitia and quintus at 1.1

I’ll ascend isarnia and panther without question. I’ll probably ascend both azlar and marj, materials permitting. I plan on ascending sartana as well, but can’t see myself getting a third set of tabards within 12 months so any further purples seem a little redundant. Not excited about horghall or justice as I’d rather azlar or marj running tank (azlar because that special, marj not best tank but will do ok and pretty useful overall, so definitely a decent use of materials)

Basically, given all that, is there any reason to keeping quintus, quintus, domitia, elkanen, justice and horghall?

Will trades ever become an option?


Keep them, you’ll never know if they will be required in the future…


Just feed them, it aint special if you have so many of them underappreciated, i got rid of a ton of 4* doubles except the real killers. Let those heroes be set free and may someone with less than you not take the for granted, focus on panther isarnia and marjana instead of azlar for 1 sniper out those 3.


Space is cheap, 5* heroes can be hard to get. I hang onto mine even when I don’t seem likely to level them soon.


I’m with the space is cheap group. You get an extra 50 spaces for 750 gems. That’s only 2.5 hero pulls. The game is a long playing one anyway. Once SGG gets better at balancing the heroes, you might find more use in those heroes you plan to devour. :slight_smile:


You never know what new features could appear in the game. Last time I got rid of buplicated 4* and ascended 3* Alliance Wars were introduced and demanded more heroes.
5* are not good as food but are extremely hard to get. It might happen that next release will allow trading or something with 5* ascension or something else and you’ll regret feeded 5*s.


Does it matter if you level the same color or no on the Heros? Meaning, if you level a green with green hero is it benefitual or no?


Using the same colored heroes significantly increases the chance to level up the special skill. It also provides more experience points per feeder hero. This might be an interesting topic for you: Leveling 3, 4 and 5 star heroes (Analysis, Advice).


Given the rarity of ascension mats for 5s, the resources required to max them and the number of heroes they have been and will continue to pump out… Ask yourself this question: Do I see myself spending any effort on having two of this same hero ? Realistically speaking, there are very few heroes having duplicates of. Strictly speaking about 5s… To this date I’ve yet to understand the logic or notion behind “Well you never know” or “Space is cheap”… Yeah I DO KNOW, I know that SG will continue to push new heroes out, more desirable heroes out and you’ll never (most likely) be ale to max all the heroes you want. So why then keep all these extras… ? It makes no sense… As for space. That’s total crock, 5 spaces for 250 gems (in my case) is not gonna break the gem bank but it’s hardly a bargain… So, be realistic with your heroes, think about how long it’s taken you to get the mats you have and the number of upcoming heroes as well as other current offerings and ask yourself the above question.

The best I could ever do was keep one (maybe two in the case of Gravemaker) extra on the off chance that I run out of heroes to level or I can afford (at some point) to spend resources on a duplicate… Until then, no more than one extra is my rule of thumb…


Thank you so much, I was thinking so bc of other games I have played but I wasn’t for sure, you helped me a lot and thank you again TomV93,


I would feed them if you know you’re never going to level them. I am not ashamed to say I’ve fed Horghall to Tarlak! :grin: Plus I have Zeline, Gregorian so …yeah…it all depends on which heroes you really are going to end up using.


The trouble with this strategy is, how does any player know how the game might evolve? Existing heroes get buffed and nerfed; new heroes are released that may have particularly synergies with an old hero, or are particularly vulnerable to an existing hero. I can’t predict the future, so I hold on to at least one copy of every 4* and 5* I happen to get.

I agree that feeding duplicates of some 5* heroes is reasonable. The resources needed to ascend 5* heroes are too high for me to expect that I’ll double up any 5* except Grade A heroes. (Though again, who knows when circumstances will make a lesser 5* great?)

And “new” doesn’t always mean “better”. I will take Sartana over Thoth-Amun any day, and Magni over Perseus.


We don’t know how the game is going to evolve, but you would know what your play-style is and your current roster of heroes and their capabilities (nerfs not withstanding). If the OP is unsure, then I would agree, they might as well keep all their 5* for now.

The reality is it’s bloody hard to get enough ascension mats to level every single 5* you may come across. I know for myself I have a large line up and 1 stupid damascus blade. I also know that I won’t be holding onto heroes for the next year waiting for some items to drop, the longevity of this game is finite but that is an entirely separate discussion.

And I never said new was better, I just simply stated I don’t care for Horghall when I have other heroes that I could utilize more often. Tarlak being one of them.


All fair points, and I’m holding Horghall, Kadilen, and Elkanen but fully expecting they’ll never get rare mats. I’ve got 4 tonics and both Lianna and Tarlak waiting at 3/70. Then Evelyn is coming out in November. Arrrrgh… But I’m still unwilling to give up those 5* cards.

Sorry, that aside was responding to @Wormwood.


I’m really keeping all my dupe 5*

When (if) possibility comes to exchange heroes i can happily exchange a Gregorian and a Khiona for Hel… :smiley:
That too could be a development. Maybe when having extra possibilities to get your heroes stronger they come in handy. Only ones i’m not keeping are triples. :slight_smile:


I also like to keep heroes. You never know whether you may need them some time.

Heck, Alberich sat unleveled in my keep forever. While I had other priorities. Now, I rarely leave home without him :wink:

And what exactly should be wrong with keeping duplicates? Sartana2 at 3/70 most certainly comes in handy for wars. So do Merlin1, 2 and 3. Not to mention the healers … :wink:


My problem is I have 147 Favorite heroes and 162 hero slots. Sure I could buy more slots… 29 of those Favorites are 5* at 2/60 or lower.