Hogwarts Hooligans Ready For Battle

We are the Hogwarts Hooligans!

Are you looking to attack 7* and 8* Titans? are you looking for a fun chatty crew of war minded Hooligans? Well, look no farther. We are all of that and much much more. We all do our best to participate and kick butt, but We also specialize in emotional support after bad boards and forgotten flags, team set up advice, and lots of encouragement for plodding through stages:-)

Be a Hooligan! COME PLAY WITH US!!

We are pretty much mid level daily players and looking to add to our active team. We have players from all over the world right now and love the diversity:-) if your not active for more then a week, we may boot you to make space for more active players, but you are of course, always welcome back.

We currently have spots to fill as we had some of our crew decide to focus more intensely on war. We of course wish them well and all the luck in their future battling.

Trophy requirements are set at 1200 but that’s flexible if your motivated and active.

We are all working to advance now that we are getting to the higher levels.

We are looking for other players that log in daily and will help consistently battle titans and in wars:-)

we are chill and laid back while being active and fun:-)

Can’t wait to battle with you


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Of course she forgot to mention that, in addition to all she wrote, they have an awesome leader.

If you’re looking for a totally laid-back, no pressure experience where you can learn and grow, I highly recommend checking Hogwarts Hooligans out.

You won’t regret it :+1:t2::grin:

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Awh thanks Sheridan! Wish you the best of luck out there! Kick some butt!

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Thanx @Lizztress

You truly are a class act, and I will happily help you recruit for as long as you’ll let me (always did enjoy recruiting with you)

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Just a little nudge to the top of the page:-)

Still looking for awesome members to play with :slight_smile:

Ready, set, hooligan!!!


Would merging into an alliance with a similar ethos ever be an option for you all?

I’m in Deep Blue Sea. We do: 1. Fun banter 2. Titans 3. War. We want everyone in the alliance to do at least one of those regularly, but it doesn’t have to be religiously! We make decisions jointly after chatting them through and try not to ‘shame’ people, but make them feel welcome and wanted.

We’ve had to do some soul searching recently. A number of our players were previously very active and became our good friends. They are now much less active and so we are slowly removing them after doing all we can to contact them. (Some are on Line. We don’t insist on it (or actually use it much!)) We currently have 22, but probably about 14 are active. We are about to remove 2 inactive ones.

Anyway, if merging with us appeals at all, feel free to give me a shout on Line, or just drop in on us any time and get to know us a bit. I’m Gez, we are Deep Blue Sea. My Line ID is gezzyj

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Also, we are totally up for thinking of a new name. Personally I’m happy for it to be Harry Potter themed if that swings it at all for you :slight_smile:

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As tempting as your offer is, I think we will try to hold out for recruitment for a little while longer. We are down quite a few members, but I think we will likely rebuild quickly:-)

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Good luck. Maybe we’ll get you in war one day!

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We are still looking for daily laid back players:-)

Are you guys still interested in merging? I think I might suggest it to my crew:-) we have 7 members

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Hey. Yep we would. Feel free to say to your members to drop in and check us out between titan hits. There is normally someone about to say a friendly hi. If you all decide to come see what we are like, then message me and I’ll let people know to expect you.

Personally I’m finding recruiting a nightmare. I have spent WAY too much time on garbled global chat and only got one decent recruit out of it.

We had a random come in, ask us all our ages, spout nonsense and then leave. So anyone friendly and active will be welcomed gladly!

Sounds excellent:-) I am playing less intensely with summertime busyness and it would be great to have other leaders to help recruiting. I absolutely agree that it’s a lot of time and energy. We have a great group of daily players. I’m going to let them know we are headed your way :slight_smile: tichbits is my coleader, but he’s not super interested in a leadership role. I would love to be a coleader if you’re interested in that. If not, I’m happy to support as a group member:-)

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Tichbits is headed your way:-) I told the rest of them to go your way and as soon as everyone is out I’ll close down the alliance and join.

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