Hogwarts Hooligans Ready for Battle Buddies

We are the Hogwarts Hooligans!

Are you looking to attack 7* and 8* Titans? are you looking for a fun chatty crew of war minded Hooligans? Well, look no farther. We are all of that and much much more. We all do our best to participate and kick butt, but We also specialize in emotional support after bad boards and forgotten flags, team set up advice, and lots of encouragement for plodding through stages:-)

Be a Hooligan! COME PLAY WITH US!!

We are pretty much mid level daily players and looking to add to our active team. We have players from all over the world right now and love the diversity:-)

We currently have 3 spots to fill.

Trophy requirements are set at 1600 but that’s flexible if your motivated and active.

We are all working to advance now that we are getting to the higher levels.

We are looking for other players that log in daily and will help consistently battle titans and in wars:-)

we are chill and laid back while being active and fun:-)

Can’t wait to battle with you



Do you use a war strategy?
What colour war tank do you run with?
Do you use outside game comms like Discord or Line etc?

We do have a war strategy that we adjust based on the teams we go up against. We have tried the same colored tank approach a few times. Green is our main tank at times but not always. We pick off the weakest teams and let them respawn to kill again before we flip the board. Lorro is our lead strategist:-) we are pretty good at using most our flags on the field. Our main players use discord to communicate but we do a lot of it in the game chat too.

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Just a little bump in case anyone’s looking to jump in with an awesome group. We still have three spots open :grin:

Still looking for awesome people to join our awesome team:-)

Just a little bump in case anyone’s looking for a laid back home to fight wars and titans. We still have 3 spots open.

It’s a great group of people from around the world who like to have fun while playing. We fight 7-9 star titans, and only ask that if you opt in for wars that you use as many flags as you can.

Come try us out, you might find that you like being a Hooligan :grin:

We are the coolest of the cool. Battling titans and building a chatty fun community. Come war with us!

Hi! Do you recruit Russian-speaking players from Russia?)

Hello, I am 39 level, I have between 1200-1600 trophies in the moment. I am really active player. I want to join your alliance. If you think that I can be part of your team I will be more than happy.

Awesome! I lowered the trophy requirements. Welcome:-)

Sure! We have people for all over the world. I don’t know if there’s anyone on the team that speaks only Russian but you are absolutely welcome:-)

Just a bump to keep the thread alive.

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