Hogwarts Hooligans looking for other active players

Absolutely!! We would love to have you!!

Sorry for the late response, I must have missed this yesterday:-)

Hi @Lizztress no problem at all, thanks for your reply. I’m looking forward to joining your alliance. My E&P name is Luc. Thanks again

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Excited to have you along :sunglasses:

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We are still fun and active and looking for awesome, fun members:-)

Hello Lizztress, how about merging crews together ? Git Your Rage On!

We’re tight crew, playing and supporting each other, coming from 3 different alliances, so we have an experience on how to welcome and take care about new members.

Let me know and take care,

We are a 22 person crew right now. You are definitely welcome to come join us if You’re a small team? We are not looking to leave our team and join your alliance if that’s what you’re asking though😅

Thanks for reply, indeed we’re also 22 at the moment, so we are in similar position :slightly_smiling_face:

Stay in touch if anything would change and see you on battlefield perhaps !

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Indeed! You as well:-)
Thanks Tommy:-)

Still looking for active, fun members to save the world with;-)

We are currently at 19 members and still looking for awesome people to Hooligan with:-)

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Bumping the thread in case someone’s looking for a fun group to play with. Titan range is 6*-8*, do fairly well in wars, and all have fun chatting about everything and nothing :grin::+1:t2:

We’re awesome, you’re awesome, you should come play with us!!

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Hi I’m Stuart would love to join Hogwarts hooligans if you’ll have me.

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Hi @Stuieexxx, would would love to have you. Stop on by and give us a whirl :grin:

Heck yes! You’re very Welcome!

On my way over. Let’s do this

Little bump in case you’re looking for an awesome, fun alliance to fight titans and wars with :grin:

@StellaArtois, we wish you the absolute best and thank you for playing with us while you did. Feel free to swing by any time you want :grin:

Lol Thank you. Best wishes to you all.

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