*Hobbits of the North* recruiting a few active players

Currently 24/30 and taking down 9/10 sometimes 11* titans. We could use a few more active, friendly, chatty people. Minimum set at 1600+ cups which is easily doable . Come and join the hobbit family…no shoes, no shirt in this case does equal service :smiley:

Hobbits of the North
1600+ cups
9/10* titans
Active…hit titan as often as you can, war or opt out
Fun fun fun

Good alliance if you want semi-casual or if you want to use it as a stepping stone into our other higher ranked alliances, some of which are usually in the top 10.

26/30 growing steadily. Come join a fun, laid back, but still growing stronger alliance. Hovering around 200k alliance score. We have mid level and high level players. Newer players, who meet the cup requirements more than welcome. You frequently see King of the North, Wolves of the North, Warriors of the North in the top 10 of alliances…come and be part of that group.

Bumpitty bump bump bumpitty bump bump look at Frosty go

28/30 Let’s fill er up
9* to 11* Titans, but soon to be 12*
War hit all flags
Casual alliance part of the “North” Alliance of groups…Wolves of the North, King of the North etc.
Friendly and helpful

Have the Hobbits come up short? Hopefully more join to be more than a small consolation.