Hoarding Epic Hero Tokens

I have not gotten a hero token over 7months now. Before some of the updates I could stock about 5 between events… :frowning:

I feel you… When I learned that using EHT in a regular portal is a bad idea, I started saving them for seasonal events. In a month or two I was able to save 15! EHT for Sand Empire event. After this event I started saving them again for Morlovia. Now I have 2 (two) EHT. There are always 3 chances of getting EHT from an elemental chest, but since Sand Empire I always get silver tokens only…

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I really want Buddy, I have saved all 67 EHT this year… but I also want one more Ice Barbarian (already have 1 Grimm)… and Morlovia have new Ice Barbarian… should I use it on Morlovia, or should I keep it for Buddy while hoping for Jott or Costumed Grimm (while costumed Grimm is not barbarian, he still use barbarian emblem)?

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I’m curious about Francine

I’ve been sitting at 6, and only because I bought Path of Valor… Always silver tokens in war and elemental chests…

The main places you should be getting EHT’s are from challenge events, weekly tournaments, and elemental chests.

Placing well in challenge events guarantees EHTs. Placing Top 1% in weekly tournament gives several draws for EHT’s. If you struggle with 5* tournaments, first build up your 4* and 3* rosters so you can get top 1% or at least top 5% in 4* and 3* tournaments. You don’t necessarily need heavily emblemed teams to achieve this. Then try to fill 3-4 wanted chests every day (ex: 2 monster chests, one in morning and one at night, and 1 hero chest per day). This helps you increase the frequency of getting elemental chests which have 3 draws for EHT’s.

Other places you may get EHT’s if you are lucky include mystic vision, wanted chests, war chest and rare titans. If you are part of an alliance that wins wars and kills higher level titans, you should have a higher chance at EHT’s. IIRC, loot tier 14 has like a ~2% chance of EHT.


I use to get them from one of the two recruit quests. As for events and placing well, I’ve only managed get 50k in points. As a pay to have best heroes game, will never reach those best tier loots… and my luck has run out haha

I believe Find Recruits II only has 50% chance of ETT, not EHT.

You don’t need best heroes to place at top of challenge events.
For example, if you have common S1 3* heroes like Azar, Nashgar, Jahangir, you can get top 1000 in rare mode in Challenge events. Or using multiple Namahage (who’s relatively easy to get from Atlantis).

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@B1gHeadAss nope was getting EHT, not ETT. Unless it was resources quests… :thinking:

Either way. Was getting tokens from mystic vision, titan and random quests. All of which have dried up. Think i had 1 last season event since u can only use on season summons.

From my understanding, there is no quest that gives EHTs other than Seasonal events.

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