Hoarding Epic Hero Tokens

I currently have 20. Are you saving up for a particular event hero? Or saving tokens until you have accumulated materials for fully ascending any 5*?

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Save them for the Vampire Event in autumn or even better, for Christmas.


I save for seasonal events. Depending where are you in the game you either can draw on each or save for a particular one. Also am factoring which is the HOTM in deciding when to pull.

Example : have 50 at the moment and skipped Sand Empire completely as didn’t need any of those seasonal events, nor liked the HoTM.

Halloween will have new heroes so will be pulling there. Also XMas seasonal event is a good place to pull as Dec HoTM is red hero and we will see what will be Jan HoTM


Definetly waiting for a nice seasonal event (not halloween) to spend them. Also not summoning if I don’t find the HotM attractive enough, or if I already pulled it. As a C2P you gotta use your pulls wisely.


Oh nice, we get new halloween heroes?

Should be 2 new 5* in line with the revamp of other seasonal events to have 3 5* at 1.5% chance cumulative of pulling a 5*


I usually collect them for all seasonal except sand heroes, which i truly don’t like any.

Depending which HotM falls on Halloween or Christmas, i will decide which event to use them all.

I should have more then 50 for that time.


How often and from what source do you folks get EHTs? I rarely ever get them. And by rarely I mean maybe two a month. Just curious.

Mission chests, war chests, titan battles, raid tournaments, challenge events, and the occasional pop-up deal.


First priority is to focus on the 4*s imo, and these are the best ones in each event (ranked in order of whose best):

So basically, if you don’t have Buddy, then I’d say save them all for Xmas.

If you do have Buddy, I would wait to see what comes out in Halloween; there will be 1 new 3*, 1 new 4* and 2 new 5*s to match the other revamped events in seasonal heroes. If you don’t like what you see, then I’d say wait until next Spring event.

If your roster is fairly developed, then I’d say it will really depend on the 5*s that come out for the next seasonal events, or saving them for either one of the Spring or Summer 5*s.


And what’s great about the way these two events are staggered is that you can often choose between four months of HOTMs to pull for. Halloween event will probably straddle October and November, and Christmas typically straddles December and January.

Also with timing, you can wait until the end of the month to see if you pull the HOTM from another portal and then decide whether or not to wait for the next month.


As others mentioned and I back up, Seasonal Events. I have 33 right now and saving them (and ALL my gems) for Christmas. Would love to have Mother North and potentially the new heroes.

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I hoard them for each HOTM and for POV.
I hoarded them for summer event and was excited to pull Roc on the 9th of 14 tokens.
But I’m not saving till October.

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With StoneCleave and Fura maxed, Gafar doesn’t make my second purple mono team in wars now… and since yellow tanks are a rarity these days, I don’t really need a second purple mono team…

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Yep, there’s a reason why he’s at the bottom of the list :stuck_out_tongue: He is a good 4*, but also in a color that has a ton of competition (Proteus, Merlin, Fura, cRigard, cTiburtus, etc.)

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I kinda just save till each event was gonna skip the Halloween as only 3 but if there new ones could shake thangs up a bit. In it to win it.
There good hero’s from all the events really do think sand hero’s bit underated self cleanse n dot no health can be gained pretty cool.

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I just love the fact that sand is another type of damage for my all-DOT team.

Once Roc has more emblems, he’s going back in my Roc-Grave-Clarissa-Vela-Lady Locke lineup. It did well with experiments, but I want him faster. Once I get the 8th node and get my troop higher, he’ll go in again.


I’ve got 18 epic tokens ready to throw at halloween event! I’d be very interested to see what i get! :grin:

Up to 41 EHT’s…Christmas can’t come quick enough. Although with the new mention of the Halloween heroes, it’s a bit tempting. I’ve got quite a bit of gems saved up as well. With Google Rewards and doing Bing Rewards, converting all to Google Play credit has helped build up a bit of gem storage for pulls.

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The new Halloween 5* look great, if christmas doesn’t get better heros i’ll use mine for Halloween. I didn’t do any last year cause i’m not to impressed by Victor.

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