Hmmmmm....whats wrong with wilbur?

I have a Kiril mixed with Wilbur and a chao to upgrade I don’t have a replacement for Kirill and a li xiu my question is…what do I do about Wilbur and would chap be better in this stuation?

Fire kiril before wilbur. Then you get kiril healing plus attack buff and you get wilburs higher defense and spirit link. If using them in defense just make sure u put kiril in front of wilbur.

If u tank with kiril, flank with wilbur. If u flank with kiril, put wilbur in wing. If u wing with kiril then put wilbur on right wing.

Timing with AI wont be and cant ever be perfect but bout as close as u can get. And if u put wilbur on flank, put him on right flank.


To go further on what @Rigs said.

Firing Kiril first (+30attk/+30Def) then fie Wilbur (overwrites +def with the high one and reduces enemies def)

Allies Have +30attk/+63def and enemies have -44def


, yeah it’s kind of crazy how Kyrie Lil actually lowers the defense off of Wilbur’s that’s not cool any preference on my yellows with this type of team

When you say fire get rid of them as quickly as possible

Okay yeah I know I understand what you mean about fire right now sorry not enough coffeeI could replace Corral with a agwe but I don’t know if that’s going to be a good idea without healing

Depends on the situation and idk even know agwe’s card. Not really a hero that is discussed often

For Yellow it is kind of a toss up. Li is a good tank in the platinum range. She is very annoying with her mana drain but doesn’t hit hard.

Chao is similar but only for 1 target.

Both are mediocre long term and may only be used in wars after a certain point.

What are your purple and green heros?

Cyprian and tarlak and thank you for taking the time to help me with this

No problem at all.

I my go with Chao with what you have in green and purple. He isn’t amazing but he’s fast and has mana drain on 1.

For a tank I am not sure what to go with. Maybe Cyprian for now.

Wilbur Chao Cyprian Tarlak Kiril as a lineup for now but you are lacking hitters.

I like Li Xiu better than chao. Doesn’t hit as hard but chao doesn’t hit much harder. It’s the mana drain effect that’s useful and draining the whole team is better than draining one hero, even if chao is fast and Li is average.

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fair point but he doesn’t have any hitters. Would you still lean Li in that case?

Essentially he is hoping to do big tile damage and draw out the fight.

that’s awesome that’s basically what I thought but I needed to hear plus that’s almost exactly my lineup as of now thank you

My main drawback is that I don’t get to fire off anything before they get killed but I’m building about up now does anybody happen to know off-hand about the rate of leveling up for an Ascension whether or not it is truly that great to use all green on a green I’m not worried about getting the special skill upgraded faster already maxed out but I usually eat 3 4 5 at a time

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You get the most out of the XP using the same color. It isn’t fast. Like the game itself it is a process.

I always color feed. I wait longer in the beginning and get 16-18% before I feed for the special.

I would color feed at least until the special is maxed.

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