Hmmmm......this seems odd

I thought cup dumping was addressed with the various gold, platinum, diamond levels? Is there another explanation?

PS. Yes, I confess. I did attack (and won) :slight_smile:

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Many people are finding the food rewards to be pretty sparse at higher tiers.
I wouldn’t attack that myself, simply because my primary reason to raid is the hero chest - why waste a raid point for one easy hero when I can try for five?

  1. Cup dumping still happens.

  2. Fielding one defender is a good way to discourage attackers who want to fill their raid chests.


I pass these over as well. I’m trying to fill a raid chest when I am out raiding and this just doesn’t cut it.

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With the other player being a lv. 40 I would bet they are doing it not only for the revenge ham and iron but also to quickly fill his raid chests as well when he gets back online. That’s my assumption when I see something like this.


Congratulation for your win.
I’m proud of you :face_with_monocle:



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