Hitting the "Wall" - Can't progress

Hey folks,

I should start by saying that I’ve really enjoyed playing this mobile game. I have very little time these days so it’s nice to have something I can do on the go or when I veg on the couch before bed. I’ve probably spent about $40 (primarily on 2 builder bonus) as I wanted to get my training camp and stronghold to level 20.

I understand that this game relies heavily on RNG… I’ve played games like this before and I understand that getting 5* heros is a rarity. I can deal with that.

What I’m having a difficulty with is the drop rate of some of the ascension items, specifically “Fine Gloves”. I’ve been playing for 4 months now and I’ve only received a single drop of “Fine Gloves”; essentially that means I have 8 4* heros that I’m not able to ascend to level 4. I’ve basically been sitting around the 3k mark for a month because I’ve hit this wall.

Sadly, it’s making the game less fun for me and makes me consider quitting. I understand that the devs are trying to make money, but I feel like they could be doing more to give us a better experience, especially those that have stuck with the game for months (or years). Adding an avatar shop is entirely self-serving… especially when there are fundamental aspects of the game that haven’t been fixed.

I understand that “needing that item” will make players spend real money on the game, but don’t forget that without the low-spenders and F2P players, you won’t have a community to keep the high-rollers in the game.

Thanks for reading!


Ascension materials can definitely be a grind to obtain, but there are ways to increase your chances of getting them:

  • Fill your monster/hero chest as often as you can. You can use a few gems to skip the wait time between chests if you have extra energy to burn. The more chests you fill, the more loot rolls you get and the more likely a rare elemental chest will appear.
  • Hit every titan at least once so that you can get a share of the loot.
  • Get as far as you can through every rare quest that appears. Stage 4 always has a guaranteed 3* material, and Stage 5 always has a guaranteed 4* material.
  • Try to complete at least the Epic tier of each monthly challenge event. The completion bonus for that tier has at least one 3* material.
  • Do Mystic Vision every time it appears. It’s rare, but you can get materials from that as well.

Good luck!


I’m literally doing all of those things. Sometimes the toughest tiers are out of reach… you know, because I haven’t gotten the necessary ascension items lol.

They really do need a market place where you can trade your items in. I would gladly trade some of my 4* ascension items for 3* ones as it would let me actually progress in the game.

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I understand you, even if I wasn’t waiting that long.

I was waiting for like, month - month and a half for single gloves to come, had 2 heroes stuck. Then in this summer event I bought one, but now I’m too paranoid to spend it. Then titan chest gave me one, and the other day mystic vision another one. All that in like last week.

And before that crisis I got few of them, then spend, and then waiting started. Titan loot were crap day after day, zero significant mats week after week. Then I’d get damascus blade, and still no gloves :rofl: I was cheering when I got metal ores as that was really good loot compared to others :rofl: On 7-9 titans.

Game is crazy. But it will eventually come. So if you can enjoy playing with that you have with alliance mates you like, then waiting will pass in having fun and hanging together. Otherwise, it’s better to quit than torture yourself with constant frustration this game can cause you. Because it can.

And btw, I managed to finish last event, all levels with not maxed 4 stars (tier 2-3) and one-two 5 star (like tier 1-2), but yes, I’ve burned some items. One month earlier I barely managed to do rare. With bunch of items.
And in such events mats lay.

Next event should be this week. Maybe try that and see what you can grab :slight_smile:

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With the right approach, and reasonably balanced team, you should be able to finish quests rated much higher than your team level.
I finished the 4000 recommended team strength with my 3300-3400 4* team.
My alt account of <3000 is able to finish the 3500-ish .

If you want some specific advice for hitting above your team level, do some searches on here, Or reply and I will share some of the tactics I bring to such events.

Edit: Keep in mind the value of ascension items and don’t be afraid to spend energy and items on the event levels that offer them.

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Ive felt your frustration, its warranted. Everyone here will say join an alliance that hits higher titans. Myself included.

Congratulations and welcome to the club! As you can probably guess, there’s no easy answer to your issues and you seem to be doing all the right things to boost your chances of getting ascension items (filling chests, felling titans, etc).

For me, I get a steady trickle of ascension items but they are rarely the ones I need. I share your fine gloves shortage, but I have no shortage of compasses. Steady shields drop on the reg for me but I hardly have any green heroes to use them on. I have accumulated a good share of poison darts, but SURPRISE - I have no yellow 5* hero. Other items I need, like mystic rings and the telescope, remain out of reach. Until there is a trading post/marketplace added to the game though, we don’t have any option to deal with this odd phenomenon.

I will reiterate that you should be aiming to finish all 5 stages of the rare quest-lines (e.g. Shrikewood, up currently). Team power of ~3000 should be sufficient with some help from items. This will at least give you a reliable source to slowly build your stock of items.

Lastly, join a good alliance. By that I mean one that maintains upwards of 90% of a full, active roster and can offer you helpful advice on finishing events and rare quests.

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It hasn’t been explicitly called out but has been eluded to so I’ll pull it out for discussion - what * titan are you hitting in your alliance? And what is your current ranking, generally (letter score)?

My reality as an A/A+ hitter was ascension items became a bit more free flowing at 6* and I just got a ton once we moved to 7*. You want to be hitting titans where you can always be at loot tier IX (9). If you aren’t gettign loot tier IX find a way to!

A+/A on 7* drops about 1 3* AM in 5 and about 1 4* in 20-25 for me.

I’m usually not A tier… mostly B these days and titan 6-7.

Would be a hell of a lot easier to get A tier if I could fully ascend my dudes haha.

I am always low on fine gloves as well! They randomly come in all at once though randomly from monster and raid chest or titan. Just have some more patience. After Shrikewood should be Frostmarch then after that is Farholme so you’ll get a chance for a glove and tome at Farholme. Should pop up in 20+ ish days or so. Hang in there!

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