Hitting on the war

I was just hitting in the war for my alliance. I hit this person I’m going against. How does the person I’m hitting collect hp instead of losing it while I’m hitting? There must be a glitch because they didn’t have any special boost going on any character I was going against. It was collected while I hit not after the turn like it usually happens with a boost on. Can you check on this please?

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You know this is pretty hard to believe with no video proof to support your claim… when this happens again, use a screen recorder, post the vid on a you tube channel and then post the link here. Maybe we’ll be able to help you then. Without video feed, what you claim seems highly unlikely, unless you’re talking about a field aid war (which is not the case for the current war)

Same problem with me as with grandal. The same problem with the rest of the team. And in general this problem occurs when the opponents are Russian. I attack an opponent… My heroes are loaded… I simply stumble and wake up after the fallen team. Almost all colleagues complain about this problem. It is inadmissible. Clean play.

Aceeasi problema si la mine ca si la grandal. Aceeasi problema si restul echipei. Si in general problema asta apare cand adversari sunt rusi. Atac un adversar… Mi se incarca eroi… Intepensc pur si simplu si ma trezesc dupaia cu echipa picata. Cam toti colegi se plang de problema asta. Este inadimisibil. Bataie de joc curata.

You don’t seem to have the same problem as @Grandal at all. He was complaining about the enemy gaining health when hit instead of losing it as it should be. Meanwhile, it’s not very clear to me what the problem is in your case… what does “they freeze” mean exactly? There are several special skills that fitt this description. Proteus and Hel freeze mana generation, Miki and Peters silence your heroes but none of these skills affect your entire team. And, for the love of God, what do the russians have to do with it?! There are millions of battles being fought against russian teams every day, don’t you think people would notice if something was wrong with them?


I have a picture of the one that was healing and it was only him. Unless there is a secondary power I can’t read them something is screwed up. Please check into this. If it had this power put it on his card. Here is the picture. It was the same one in the last war that I brought it up.

No big deal. You must consider that any attack team is only as strong as the board it gets. The board is the thing that matters most. So, getting a series of bad boards would sure have that effect on your war performance. I too get at least 4 or 5 one shots every war, mostly against 4200 - 4400 defenses, getting a average score of 300+ But there are wars when things just don’t work out. Tiles just won’t match, no matter what I try. But it’s just random luck, nobody wins them all. Pay no attention to it, it ain’t worth it…

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