Hitting low hitpoint enemies with tiles raises their hit points

I’ve seen it many times and just thought it was a graphical error with the hitpoint bars. But in war today, I hit a Mitsuko that had 158 hitpoints with three tiles (74, 75, 74) and it was added to her life total. That’s not what her special or any of the specials on any of the characters on her team does.

What was the whole defense team and are you sure it wasn’t heals from field aid?

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Mitsuko, Lianna, Aegir, Victor, and Morher North. None of which has a special ability that adds incoming tile damage to your hitpoints. Does any hero have that ability?

Im positive it wasn’t heals from field aid because it was my turn, checked her health, decided to drop tiles in her, and watched her health bar increase.

Hmm odd

Wish there was some video evidence. Hard to say what happened without seein a visual

Like I said in the opening, I’ve seen it lots of times but always assumed it was graphical. Because they always depict enemies with half their hitpoint’s life bar at 10% to 25% visually. I’m gonna have to become detective hitpoint checker at this point.

It’s possible that if Aegir’s buff was up, then she could have gained some health from slash attack. But hard to tell without any screenshots or video. Try to record it if you ever see it happening again. Because if you hit her with tiles, only her mana bar is supposed to increase.

Aegir’s buff allows enchanted heroes to gain life from their own regulat attack damage. She had 158 life and was hit for 74, 75, and 74. That should have killed her, instead it added it to her life total, then the other team went off.

I’m sure I’ll see it again. As I said in the opener, I’ve always assumed it was a graphical error but now that I know there is a bug I’m gonna hunt it down. I’m posting it because I know I can’t be the only person who’s ever seen it.

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