Hitting 3000 gems

So it’s kinda crazy but I’ve played for about 1.5 years and this is the first time I’ve hit 3000 gems

I consider that to be a great achievement and I can’t wait to do my first 10pull. Could be disappointing or could be good. Will see.

Tempted to do it next month to try and grab Kunchen but I’m in two minds because the event isn’t ideal as I want Avalon.

Do we know the colours of the HOTM for March and April?

Or I might Atlantis it.

Im really just after a decent 5* purple or green so if I’m desperate I might just do an elemental green pull. But I prefer not to because I’d like to try and snag an event hero


Same situation for me. I played for 1.2 years. I want to wait for avalon, but wonderland could trigger me. A really tough decision for f2p :thinking:


Why wait for Avalon? Do you already have a few of the Guardians?

I should imagine that the Guardians would be superior to Knights. That said… most people suggest Atlantis above all else. Whatever you do, though, don’t go for the Elemental Summon! Everything in there can be acquired in, literally, every other type of pull possible! It simply isn’t advantageous to ever do the Elemental or Epic summons. :confused:


Atlantis it. Better 4 stars, still a hotm chance, guaranteed ascension item, various 5 stars


10 3 stars are waiting for you


You are looking at a single 10-pull here. Atlantis or event, odds of any 5* are still pretty low, 22%, which includes both special 5* and TC20 5* heroes. (alongside the 12% chance of a HotM)

If you want to play the odds, don’t choose based on that; those odds are too low. Instead, choose based on your odds of getting a non-TC20 4* hero.
Atlantis: 79% chance of getting 1+ Atlantis 4*, out of 9; most of them are good; Wilbur and Proteus are amazing
Event: 44% chance of getting 1+ event 4* out of 2, all of which are good or awesome except Boomer in pirates.

And hope for a good 5* too.


That should be 2.2% and 1.2% I’m guessing?

What @BarryWuzHere said. Pull for Atlantis. You might luck into Kageburrito


The stats he gave are on 10 pulls

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Nope. Those are odds for getting one+ out of a 10-pull, calculated from odds of a single pull as reported.

They include rather small odds of getting more than one, but the math gets hairier to calculate that. Believe me that they are low enough not to worry about :rofl:


And they’re still wrong! You don’t just add them all up!


Barry is showing odds for a 4 star on a 10 pull, because it might be unrealistic to expect to get a five star. I hope to heaven they get five stars on these pulls, but it doesn’t work out that way all the time. Barry’s advice is excellent - choose Atlantis!


Ok, 4* probably makes sense! Not for a 5*!

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Wow, this was beginning to look like one of those stories that begin with, I have a load of cash (or gems) burning a hole in my pocket (or overflowing my coffers), but I need some spending advice, and all the investors and their cousins come knocking on your door, pretending to be the best man at your wedding, and tell you how to spend that fortune by investing in their ventures and hedge funds.

Fortunately, this isn’t one of those stories, because the friendly players in the S&G group do not gain anything by giving you advice on how to spend your gems aside from the feel good feeling that they helped out a fellow E&P player. I suppose if any one would like to make a bad suggestion for you, is that they are afraid that by giving you good advice, and you gained from it (e.g. better heroes), they will one day get raided by you, the new and improved you, and you walk away with their cups. But I have a feeling most of the players don’t really think this way.

Any way, I’ve played for a year now (in fact, I think today is actually my one year anniversary), F2P + $3. I’ve accumulated enough gems through daily grinding and mission fulfilling to get enough gems to do a 10x pull a few months ago, in fact, I think during the first month Atlantis was available (either Aug. or Sept. of 18). Now, I was faced with the same decision as you are now, spend a little less Gem and do a 10x event/elemental/seasonal pull or the full 3k for the Atlantis 10x pull). I eventually did the Atlantis single 10x pull because I figured the pool is a bit wider and can get chances at past HoTM and current HoTM.

Lo and (Cyclops: Behold! Optic Blast!) - Out came Boldtusk (dupe), Rigard (not dupe), Chochin x 3, Namahage x 1, Ameonna x 1, and the rest were duplicate S1 3s. No 5, past HoTM and no bonus HoTM.

The next time I had saved up another chunk of gems (last month), I decided to do a 10x Troop pull hoping for some 4* red/purple, all 10 were 3* and some were duplicates.

So aside from the fact that RNG Gawds still hates me. Looking back, that Atlantis was actually my first 10x pull of the game, I’d probably still have done it for the novelty factor and the fact that I would at least get a Mat out of it (it wasn’t gloves). But perhaps the next time I get close to gem counts again, I might choose a challenge event to see if I can get a Guardian, a Knight, or Fable character, simply because I have no heroes that I couldn’t get from TC20 (aside from Atlantis ones) on my roster, and I am looking for some flavor to it.

Good luck in whichever you choose.


@Rduke77, Yes, I calculated odds on 4*s … because I thought they were high enough to have a reasonable expectation of getting one or two out of a single 10-pull, which is what’s being discussed here…and more importantly, the odds and selection are very different between event and atlantis pulls there.

Odds of event 5* and atlantis 5* are the same, although the selection is different…and odds are so low that to have a reasonable chance of getting one, you need to do multiple 10-pulls anyway.

For most free/cheap players trying to do one 10-pull they saved gems for a long time to get, I think Atlantis is a better bet than an Event, especially since the odds of an Atlantis 4* are so much higher than the odds of an event 4*.

It does, however, depend on your roster, and what holes you are hoping to fill in it.

Guardians includes 3/5 of the color-specific defense debuffing heroes in the game, and they are all very good heroes and really boost your titan damage in that one color amazingly. Two are 4* heroes and much more likely than Panther.

Knights has one more of those (Arthur), and the best tank in the game, Guin. Plus Merlin is amazing, and Lance is … competent.

Fables has good 5*s and more importantly Hansel (amazing) and Gretel
(one of the best yellow 4*s).

Pirates has … good 5*s and Cabin Boy Peters was really good … until Hansel came along and is marginally better, and then there’s Boomer. Sigh.

I’m a paying player, and I’ve NEVER made a Pirates pull; I just don’t like any of those heroes enough to chase after them. The 5* are good, but they aren’t so different than TC20 5*s of the same colors as to excite me.

Atlantis has a bunch of good heroes, some amazing ones, and a very few lame ones, and a much bigger selection of interesting heroes you can’t get out of TC20. Plus you mostly get more interesting/better 3* heroes instead of just more food.


Dang! So cruel. At least give you gloves after all that!!! Sorry to hear about your first 10pull

What mat was it btw?

Would another option be: since @MrMeeseeks and I’ve waited for so long, why not hold gems and wait a bit longer until Wonderland comes up.

Could be a real point of differentiation if there are some really great heroes there. Although I note your comments that the odds may not be as good for pulling a 4* as compared to Atlantis

Tbh I’m leaning towards Atlantis.

Also @MrMeeseeks and @Shohoku79 thanks very much for sharing your experiences, it’s good to know we aren’t alone in these decisions. Wishing us all good pulls in the future :joy::wink::blush:

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I just want to pull MLF I guess lol.

I really like her and the other two 5* are just fine too.

Haven’t got a single event hero!

Agree, that’s the long term picture, I’ll refrain. Thanks

i wish you the best of luck and let us know how it went :four_leaf_clover::wink:

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And with 10 pulls on Atlantis you get a chance on the special chest to have a guaranteed non farmable ascension material


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