Hit three times by the same guy

with this newest update I got hit last night three times by the same guy he won twice and lost once to me. How does that happen now why can’t they do updates the right way like it used to happen to years ago? Is it all about greed or do they really have no one out there that knows how to do updates or they just thrown at you? I’ve never been attacked by the same person 3 times let alone he wins twice

Can you show videos or at least screenshots ?

If it shows as “green” saying “victory” that means that YOU won that raid (i.e. your defence team won)…

The words in the Watchtower are always in relation to your hereos performance. On both attack & defence.

Offence raid victories are where you won. Defence raid “victories” is when your defence team won.

As Ultra said tho, screenshots make it a lot easier to help tho.


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