Hit them where it hurt

Always remember…“rich people” dont care about your gripes, opinions, and or feelings about certain topics UNLESS it effects their bottom line aka ability to make money.

As long as the cash is being spent on their product they will continue to do as they will with their product. Its not until you as a consumer stop spending and effect their ability to make money will they actually listen to you.

I typed all that to say…if you REALLY want SG to stop nerfing and buffing characters 2 hours (exaggeration :pinching_hand::smirk:) after they release it…or the next day after you finally pulled it…or 30 min after you limit broke it…or in mid tournament event…then simply stop spending …and make your point…and then…and ONLY THEN will they stop and pay attention to your feedback and discussions.


I didn’t spend single cent since February 2019 when I’ve started and I am proud of it


Stop spending, stop playing. Only then will the poor game development cease.

Wrong this game will be shut down soon as it’s no longer profitable. They more going to lose money just to let people keep playing

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I ran a stop playing protest 6 or so years ago on a sniper game i used to play… And the company didn’t specifically address or concerns, but over the next 6 months, all of our demands were met. So yes… They do listen… But you need an organized approach and everyone has to be on board. Huh… Play is down 98%… Maybe we should investigate as to why.

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