Hit points vs percentage


Can anyone explain the hit percentages?
Natalya says she hits for 700 damage over four turns so it means they get 175 damage each turn for four turns. That is explained but then Perseus says 350% damage
Joon says 420% damage
But 420% out of what? 1000%?
To me percentages make sense when you go from zero to one hundred. This us what has been confunsing to me
Lianna says 512% damage, but i cant get a good grip
I know heroes defences count as to whether your % hit will be high or low
But how to make a worthed calculation?
Riposte effects of 115%, so if i hit 500 damage to an enemy of riposte 115% how much am i damaging myself as well?
This has been a little confusing so if anyone could clear it up
All these threads have helped me a lot, understanding more and more about the game. Thank you


the % is of their attack stat. e.g. Joon’s lvl 80 attack power is 749. Joon’s max’d special at 8/8 is 468% to single target. That’s 468% of 749, or 3,505. However that amount gets reduced according to opponents defense rating.

Most hero specials that involve damage use a % of attack stat. Heroes that heal X%, are healing X% of heroes hp stat. e.g. Boldtusk healing 27% means each hero gains 27% of their total hp. So if a hero has 1000 hp, they would gain 270 back.

Damage over time specials are different in that they do a flat amount and that amount is NOT modified by opponents defense rating.

Now some heroes have BOTH as part of their special (e.g. the red DOT heroes like Azlar, Colen, etc). For example, maxed at 80 with 8/8 special Azlar has 793 attack power and his special does 205% damage to all enemies AND they receive 360 over 6 turns. So all enemies will take 2.05 x 793 = 1625 attack damage, mitigated by their defense ratings (so each heroes initia. damage will vary due to different defense ratings) AND additionally take 60 damage a turn for 6 turns (not modified by anything, pure 60). Note how this is different from Nat in that she has no initial damage burst, ONLY the damage over time.

For riposte, if you’re sending 500 damage to the riposted hero, you’d take 500 x 1.15 = 575 damage back.

Does that all make sense and answer your question(s)?

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Got it! Thank u very very much!
Riposte is a killer when u have it over 100% so Boril is quite interesting
I just got Sonya, Boril, Grimm and Kiril for blue.
I am gonna level Grimm, everyone seems to love him, then who you you suggest? Kiril or Boril? I have Melendor and Rigard
My Merlin has made all the difference in killing strong opponents, i cancel their special and they are done, so i opted for Merlin and Melendor
Now i am in this Blue doubt.
Joon is my man, and Perseus has been great but i dont know if i will use ascension items on him, he’s almost at 2/60
Thanks again!


Yes, but note that the flat damage amount increases not only with the level of the special but also with the hero’s level. The key point is that it is not modified by opponent’s defense or any status effects on the caster. (Good or bad, depending on the situation)

Another way to think of the special % is in comparison to the strike a defender uses every third round. That hit is 100% (modified by buffs/debuffs).


I understand the calculation of the attacks. (thank you for that)
But could you also explain the math on the defense and the connection to health and maybe give an example of a complete calculation
i.e. hero AAA at level a/b attacs with his/her special hero XXX at level x/y

If it has been done before, I gladly take a link (I just couldn’t find it so far) :hushed:


No, there isn’t one. The damage formula isn’t something the devs give out. If you dig through either the player guides or tactics subforums, some people back in the day attempted to back into it using various raid data.


Thanks. I appreciate your fast response!! :slightly_smiling_face: