Hit me baby, one more time

Evening all,

I’m a F2P player; a couple of times recently I’ve seen ‘one time offers’ pop up for 250 gems - I think they were for an epic hero token and some other bits. A bonified good deal!

But both times it happened after I’d spent my hard-earned gem stash on another chance at greatness.

I started to suspect that these offers were targeted at players like me, to tantalise us into our first dollar purchase.

Can anyone confirm if offers like that were open to everyone?? Or is there some marketing algorithms at work?

I think they were in relation to World Book Day and the Avengers film release (with Aries playing iron man) if that jogs your memory.

I’ve seen them occur twice in the 2-3 months I’ve been playing. I haven’t noticed a particular pattern, but maybe I’m not observant enough :smiley:

BIG HEADS UP though!

Make sure that is an EHT (epic hero token) in that deal, and that’s not a ETT (troop token)… I made that mistake once lol. Wouldn’t want you to have the same thing occur :slight_smile:

(I would ask - why do they have to look so similar. But I think the answer must be they want people to make that mistake.)

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Ha, definitely. My hopes of glory and riches turn to dust as I pull another squad of scrawny skeletons…

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Those offers show up for all - it’s not just you. However, there have been reports of limited offers being rolled out to only select individuals, determined by their spending habits. I haven’t gotten anybody those to my knowledge though…but I also haven’t spent much.

I was fussin’ and gripin’ about a money offer a while back, one that an alliance mate got but after 10 days I had not. One from the dev team chimed in that some offers are in fact targeted, while others appear for all at the same time.

Funny thing though, a few days later I got the offer, lol. Grain of salt and YMMV.

Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me :wink:

Best deal for all but especially for new and fun to play players is the 200 gems for 99cents. It is five separate offers that show up at one time. The offer pops up every month, but can’t remember if first or second Thursday.

1000 gems for 5USD is best price sG sells. If you are just starting, it is an instant upgrade for your roster. You can buy three hero pulls guaranteed to be 3* or higher with that small chance of a HoTM.

Yup. excellent small $ investment. I believe these show up right as the monthly event is starting (or just before).

^ This! That is probably my favorite offer, I’m not exactly F2P but try to really limit the spending. Also really good I think is the $2 offers during special seasonal events (winter event, spring event) that include an ascension item for a 4* hero if you need it like a warm cape or whatnot (and who doesn’t need those!). There are similar offers for $10 with ascension items for 5* heroes, but those have not tempted me much… that’s a lot more money.

And @JonahTheBard you are fine not spending any money - this can speed things up a bit, but I don’t think there is anything in the game that you could get with spending that you couldn’t get for free with patience - sometimes a lot of it. Honestly getting Heroes of the Month, or event heroes, are a long shot without spending a single penny, but it is possible to get them.

Also I’ve mentioned before, by not getting any 5* until I’d played around 8 months (only recently), I learned that getting 5*'s early on is not the blessing that it might seem - focusing on building a strong 4* team will give you a much better return until you’re far enough along, and have acquired some materials to actually level up the 5*… it takes a lot.


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