Hit me baby numerous times

these are my best heroes, against Titans I’ve always used the top 5 but lately have been throwing Miki and Ranvir in there along with Wu. They hit for nearly 500k one round then not as good since. Yes it was a purple Titan. Now from being in here the past week or so I’ve read numerous times how Wilbur is excellent against them too. With what i have levelled, what would be your chosen titan team? Or is it mostly dependent on the colour titan we fight? #stilllearningnoshame

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I am still figuring it out myself, but I believe Ranvir and Wu overwrite each other so you don’t need to use both. Ranvir has a direct hit so I’d use him over Wu when maxed (Wu is actually better until Ranvir is 4th tier). Miki is like Tarlak.

With my limited roster I rely on Wu and Wilbur against titans.

Isarnia is deadly against titans with her def down (but not green ones).


@nevarmaor thank you as always

General rule of thumb for best titan teams are… if you can go all strong color… do so. Heroes that are important to have: Defense Down (Kunchen types), Element defense down (Panther types), Attack up (khiona types), High Tile with maybe an added benefit (Ursena types) and the titan heroes (as I call them… Wu or Ranvir, Tarlak and Miki). Generally you don’t want to bring any duplicate types… if need be you could bring wu or ranvir as your tile hero, but I wouldn’t suggest using their special if you have miki or tarlak in unless they’ve already died or you’re waiting to charge up your miki or Tarlak. Hope this rambling helps.


In general, it’s either you use one of the three with Wilbur. Having a Miki with a Wu/Ranvir renders Mikis attack buff useless because now you introduce the element of missing. Their abilities don’t stack the way you think. You either want 130% attack buff guaranteed or the 195% buff with 35% chance to miss. Wilbur will buff either of the 3 by giving you a def down on the titan while increasing team survivability.

Personally, I would choose Miki+Wilbur because you don’t have to worry about missing stuns and can still use other heros to increase your attack buff to cap at 170%. If you need to run Wu and Ranvir on your yellow stack, just fire off Miki and don’t use Wu and Ranvir specials.


Not rambling at all and yes very much so thank you

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Thank you, taking this all in trust me

What I generally do is run Wu and Wilbur plus 3 strong colour heroes (one usually a healer). I’m still figuring out best heroes for strong colour use but I have had 60k+ hits on a purple 8*. Yellow is my strong colour right now.

If I had Tarlak I’d swap Wu for him and only use Wu against red titans.


No problem, if you have any questions on optimal teams vs particular color titans, let me know.

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I would avoid using Miki / Tarlak + Ranvir / Wu Kong. Their buffs stack, but the outcome isn’t really great. As an e.g.:

  • Wu Kong: +185% attack, with -32% accuracy
  • Tarlak: +100% normal attack, with 160% attack cap

Mix them together:

Wu Kong + Tarlak = +160% attack (forced cap by Tarlak), with -32 accuracy

So you get both the attack cap which is lower than Wu Kong alone (+185% attack) and you get the 1/3rd miss chance too which is worse than Tarlak alone (+100% normal attack with no miss chance).

Theoretically… you can coordinate their skills so their buffs aren’t active at the same time. However, titan attacks are time-sensitive, so it’s usually not recommended to add more complexity over something you want to maximize in the limited time given.


IMO, based on tile damage, should be strong color-stack tile damage priority, with additional buff att allies plus attack stack and debuff defense titan.
I have summarize like this, per slot, just as a reference:


@jinbatsu excellent summary

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