Hit/affect nearby heroes change to hit/affect three heroes max with V42

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You “praying” to hear details of all heroes I used for seasonal map stages - seriously !
(Pls let me give it a thought, whether I should share this IMPORTANT secret… & when I have made my decision, will inform ! Your patience will be highly appreciated) :wink:

Now that the topic issue is solved / closed… only reason, I now interact on this thread is for entertainment value of comments & I am not disappointed !

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No, it will just hit three. This is a W formation that’s just visually moved slightly.

The change to ‘nearby’ effects is perhaps the most pernicious change to the game to date.

Since day 1:

there were formations in many map stages and quests. the way your heroes ‘nearby’ effects worked made sense and no one complained. for 4 years.

‘Give us formations in raids!’ cried a weary public that has mostly moved on.

We got them. ‘Nearby’ effects worked exactly like in map stages. why wouldn’t they?

Now, they have been changed to not make sense like they did for 4 years with no explanation. At least other game companies that have the decency to really, actually, care about and balance their meta game give straightforward reasons for doing so.

instead of just dropping a phoenix on your base unexpectedly.

it burns


Honestly **** Small Giant.
This change basically kills W & M formations.
Everyone knew what these were about and how they changed heroes dynamics. That was a plus not a bug.
But know… The cry babies that didn’t have Sif or whatever got the best here and now EVERYONE will revert to A formation. HOW ORIGINAL.

The thing is… Until now if I should see these heroes on a M or W team I would go for it anyway with my 4200 team. I would use Proteus and variations with it and with a favourable board I would have a chance. That was the fun of those formations… Was just not about the way you would set up a defence team but also do many new ways to attack them. But SG is obviously not interested in creativity just more cash in their pockets.

Remember when they said they would do some ‘quality of life’ stuff?! LOL Suuuuuuuure


I’ve noticed that in the 2 3 and 3 2 formations the middle character who has an ability that affects nearby heroes is not affecting all heroes… ie siff or zulag is only applying their special to say the 2 front characters in the 2 3 formation when they are in the middle.

No a bug, This was changed on V42 release

  • Nearby radius reduced. Effects that target nearby allies or nearby enemies can hit only the closest targets in the formations, a maximum of 3 targets but less if no targets are nearby. This affects Double and Reverse Double defense formations in Raids and some enemy formations in player versus environment battles. This will be enabled only after all players have updated to the latest version so it takes effect for everyone at the same time

Thats too bad, it was the best reason to use those formations

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Considering that a lot of discussion happened during regular beta when formations were introduced, then we had live beta and then formations were introduced the mechanic felt “safe”. A huge amount of analysis went into it and the decision was that in Reverse and Reverse Double the middle hero would impact all heroes because all heroes were determined to be “nearby”.
Visually this makes sense as well as all heroes on the field are equidistant from the center hero.
This is (was) also consistent with all map stages that had formations (mobs surrounding a boss).

This change is both a nerf and will lead to less variety in raiding and that is a shame.

Yes, Reverse is the most effective formation BUT the fun was to use other formations and find less usual combinations that work.

My defense tends to hold over 2600 cups in spite of currently being a Double, prior to that the Reverse Double also kept around 2600 cups and there has been a rotation of heroes cycling through as combinations were explored.

I agree that Ludwig is the most likely catalyst for this (hasty) change. I do believe that expanding formations into Wars is another (likely) contributing factor.

I am sure that SG has some heroes coming that would break the game without this change AND that SG prefers to take away a fun QoL aspect of the game rather than attempt to fix the heroes (or perhaps the seven hero lineups that have been mentioned).

NUTSHELL: Very Disappointing from SG


I still think that SG is so petty they couldn’t possibly accept that suddenly there was ONE situation (outside tournaments) where a few 4 star heroes were suddenly useful. That’s just not acceptable under their ‘modus operandi’ that is make you buy buy buy.

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Double formation settings were fine the way they were.
The benefit of having such a centre came with the drawback of being hit heavily by attack3 heroes like Gravemaker, White rabbit, Richard etc. You defend with a Sif and I attack with a team of GM, White Rabbit, Richard, Thorne, Proteus, Hel etc.
The update makes no sense.


Well that sucks. I was enjoying using S1 heroes again. I was enjoying having to use different strategies. I was enjoying trying out different defence teams. I was enjoying the game again. Congratulations SG you nerfed yourself!


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