Hit/affect nearby heroes change to hit/affect three heroes max with V42

If the nearby attack is allowed to include the wings.

Then so would the buff…

Then your right back where you started.
With double formations getting wiped-out by unemblemed and unbroken 4* :yum:

now choosing…??
For the last couple months 8-10 of my matches are reverse. I don’t cup drop, maybe I should…

8-10 is a Telly level of saturation

My double formation kept me in mid diamond the whole time it was available. Plenty of us enjoyed the fun of the double layouts over the boring reverse.

CViv - Heimdall, C Elena, Alfrike and Athena

That team kept me comfortably 2500-2600 or so, so I wasn’t sacrificing anything by using it while the proper idea of “nearby” was in force.

I saw plenty of double and rev double when I raided. But now there’s just no benefit to them anymore which is sad to reduce the diversity of the play.


I see your agenda now.

Good luck making it easy for me, and others, to wipe your Defense again, with lubricated ease. I truly hope you succeed.

If you fail.
You might just discover that your double formation is stronger now. Probably not… but either way
Good luck!

Maybe it should be “nearby enemies up to 3”? The value of these heroes has just decreased. I still believe the wording should change, or an explanation that targeted heroes now follow a specific path. In this case, a line that makes a “W”

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Yes my insidious agenda to bring diversity and fun to the game. What an evil one I am :roll_eyes:

And as I said I won probably 70% of the attacks on my team using a double formation. It’s not the limp noodle you seem to imagine with the right heros.

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I agree!

It would be better if they can code that.
I dunno tho.

Sounds like another bug nest to me

Maybe a faint dotted line could be added to each level/raid/match that shows the path of the formation? There are enough levels with different formations on top of the raid formations that change what heroes are effected and considered “nearby” in relation to one another. There needs to be a clear definition of nearby and if the card can’t explain it, then the board should clearly define it. Otherwise, there are going to be a lot of upset people and others scratching their heads.


Pure level 30 Mana Troops?

Let’s see it
Show me the money!!!

Here’s pure level 30 mana troops with Sif and a taunt + Bera
vs unblemmed…unbroken 4*

They’re ALL limp noodles…
All gimme wins with thanks

While your raid log was loaded with players trapped in their mono blue :joy:
The education was spreading

There is a specific reason why reverse has already saturated the game.
And "boring"… isn’t the reason
It’s the result…

That might change now.
maybe :relaxed:

Yup… I would not need my Clarissa/GM/Norns to obliterate that.
The Hatter and Onatel could also rest.
A simple Proteus would do

Not even close. This is my team that held up 70% of the time or so to raids. The order is different now for reverse but same heros and troops.

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Waste of time explaining anything to those who somehow anyhow want to crib… as if their game came alive only the day reverse formations came into the game
the day this loophole got plugged, they have no clue, what to do ! :rofl:

Sure if we forget that every map level with more than 3 enemies per wave also played like this? You guys can’t defend this so you just ignore facts and try to make it only about raid formations. The whole map level situation got ■■■■■■ up and that’s far worse.


I didn’t even notice when playing the map. Just enjoyed using appropriate heroes = didn’t care to play using a microscope for every move :rofl:

Every thread here…
includes a free belt with a clock on it.

Like I said…

And find my time slipping…

I gotta get out of here
This blue screen is infecting my soul with some kind of subliminal grief

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And what are “appropriate heros” pray tell.

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So much talk about loopholes, and just use this hero, this does affect me so I don’t care blah, blah, blah etc etc.

This game is about maximising your roster to get the most benefit. Taking advantage of good synergy is not finding loopholes. People who don’t spend huge amounts were able to use underappreciated and unloved heroes with success.

Also with regards to earlier posts about not seeing double formations above a certain cup range I was bored the other day and was sitting at 2600 cups so did some rerolls and took screenshot of each defence found. Not as nonexistent as some would have believe in fact more doubles than reverse V :exploding_head:


So, in pvp i don’t really care about the change, just happy I didn’t LB proteus yet… but in maps it just doesn’t make sense. Here two shots with Hannah, the skulls show where she hit. The whole “nearby” description has become obsolete.
Look where I hit the side enemy for fun and only got 2 skulls. The distance is not more or less between the one extra hit and the other. So it is not “Max three” , it is just the neighbours that are connected with an invisible line…


Well this confusion is not unprecedented, there were times when ’ can not be dispelled’ literally means cannot be cleansed nor removed…but then there comes up something ’ remove xx that cannot be dispelled ‘’ now there is a new dimension to it…some obvious positions known as nearby are no longer nearby…well that what happens when you start fixing unbroken things!


You’re right that one is fun too. I am waiting for the heroes that cast really undispellable spells that cannot even be dispelled by the heroes that dispell undispellable spells, and then the super dispellers that dispell even these :crazy_face:


Can you do one more test?

You have the big boss and monsters 1-2-3-4 (from left to right)

You aimed to the big boss and hit the big boss, 2 and 3. So they are all nearby

Then you aimed monster 4 and hit 3-4. So they are nearby.

What if you aim monster 3? Will it hit the big boss, 2, 3 and 4? That would be a 4-hit attack.

Can you please test that?

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Lmao :rofl:

You “praying” to hear details of all heroes I used for seasonal map stages - seriously !
(Pls let me give it a thought, whether I should share this IMPORTANT secret… & when I have made my decision, will inform ! Your patience will be highly appreciated) :wink:

Now that the topic issue is solved / closed… only reason, I now interact on this thread is for entertainment value of comments & I am not disappointed !

Cheers dear fellow player !

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