History gems

Is there a way to find out how much I’ve spent on this game

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Oh please let there not be a way :joy:


I agree with @Shenjairo
I dont want to know what I spent

runs and hides

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You might not like what you see. Lol

I checked last week, and I started to panic. I refused to check anything else after last month. If you’re on Apple, you can check here:


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I made this mistake a few months ago. I put the phone down and walked outside for a bit.

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Some chests are best left unopened.

I don’t want or need to know this. It’s the past and all you can get from that is regret :joy:


You can also do something similar thru Google Play

Just have to request your purchase history :slight_smile:

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Online banking, search transactions for smallgiant or similar, total it up, break laptop, throw phone, buy new one, buy next deal…


Play Store 》Account 》Purchase History


Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to…

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If you’re proficient in spreadsheets, it’s easy to figure out. That’s how I figured out I spent 33k on this money pit of a game.


Google “sunk costs”

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Thank you for posting this link! I have long been wondering whether or not to add up my spending on this game, but didn’t. The time it would take to manually compile such a spreadsheet was a convenient excuse not to do it.

Now that I have done it… Well, I’ve always considered myself C2P, but my spending has been much more than I feel comfortable with in hindsight.

It makes my decision to not buy any more offers a lot easier. I’ll let my VIP pass run out and maybe buy POV for the extra ascension mat, but other than that I hope I’ll have the strength to resist further spending.

Actually i thought it was more of a in game tracking, i noticed that when i spend gems to speed up chests thats not tracked, i wonder why

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I don’t know, actually. Maybe @zephyr1 or @Guvnor or @Petri know?

You could potentially ask for something from the support team by creating a support ticket but I’m not sure if they’ll have access to / be able or willing to disclose that…

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Gems spent on hero summons are tracked in Recent Activity Log.

Gems spent in speed up chest not? @Petri

That would be weird to ask for the info and get denied lol im just saying is weird the activity log doesn’t show “ALL” activity when it comes to using gems

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